Managed Red Hat OpenShift on HPE GreenLake offers a compelling alternative to VMware’s traditional virtualization solutions. The radical changes to the VMware service consumption model brought about by its recent sale to has many VMware clients scrambling to find alternative virtualization solutions. Many believe it's the end of the road for VMware – at least for value and affordability, if not for the entire application.

Managed Red Hat OpenShift virtualization emerges as a superior choice, providing robust support for digital transformation, hybrid cloud strategies, and Kubernetes integration. This managed service ensures seamless operation and enhanced performance, ideal for businesses aiming to modernize their infrastructure without sacrificing security or functionality.

Demand Drivers for Red Hat OpenShift Virtualization

Red Hat OpenShift has emerged as one of the leading virtualization alternatives as it checks all the boxes for organizations seeking to migrate from VMware:

  • Enables digital transformation. Digital transformation often involves adopting cloud-native technologies. OpenShift is proven, flexible and well-positioned, allowing organizations to run apps on-prem and natively in the public cloud.
  • Supports hybrid cloud. OpenShift runs consistently across a combination of on-premises, private cloud, and public cloud infrastructures.
  • Kubernetes adoption. OpenShift Virtualization offers seamless integration with Kubernetes, the de-facto standard for container orchestration, enabling customers to leverage the full potential of containerized applications
  • Enterprise support. Businesses often prioritize vendor support in areas such as compliance and security. VMware has ended its partner support program.
  • Partnership ecosystem. Red Hat has established partnerships with major cloud providers, ISVs, and system integrators, driving adoption.
  • Modernized developer tools. OpenShift provides tools and features that enhance developer productivity well beyond VMware, such as built-in CI/CD and a developer-friendly console.

Migrating workloads to OpenShift presents an opportunity for customers to enhance their operational efficiency and escape Broadcom/VMware lock-in. But migrate to where? Some organizations are reluctant to move to the public cloud.

HPE GreenLake Managed OpenShift Virtualization

Red Hat OpenShift on HPE GreenLake Managed Services is a self-service containerized management solution running on fully managed HPE infrastructure. It can reside on-premises or at the location of the customer’s choosing. This presents an array of potential benefits for organizations seeking to optimize their virtualization infrastructure.

Through managed Red Hat OpenShift Virtualization, organizations can expect to streamline their virtualization operations, effectively reducing management overhead. This managed solution offers a range of advantages, including simplified infrastructure management, enhanced security and compliance, and increased agility. Red Hat OpenShift empowers IT teams to seamlessly deploy, manage, and scale virtualized environments, ultimately leading to improved resource utilization and operational agility.

The integration of Red Hat OpenShift with HPE GreenLake Managed Services ensures a secure and reliable virtualization platform built on the foundation of Kubernetes, enabling organizations to modernize their application development and delivery processes at their preferred location. This combination offers unmatched flexibility, advanced security features, comprehensive monitoring, and proactive support to safeguard critical workloads and data.

Advantages of Managed Red Hat OpenShift Virtualization

Leveraging this solution enables organizations to accelerate their application development and deployment processes. With the capability to seamlessly manage virtualized workloads, businesses can expedite time-to-market for new applications and services, driving innovation and competitive advantage through:

  • Better cost management. By consolidating workloads onto a single platform, OpenShift can achieve savings through reduced licensing and operational costs associated with managing separate systems.
  • A path to modernization. OpenShift facilitates the modernization of legacy applications by allowing them to be migrated and managed alongside container workloads, providing a pathway to gradually transition to microservices architecture.
  • Hybrid cloud strategy. OpenShift supports a hybrid cloud strategy with native integration across major public clouds, offering more flexibility compared to proprietary or VM-specific solutions.
  • Improved security and compliance. OpenShift's focus on security features and visibility may align better with the stringent requirements of IT operations teams, especially in regulated industries.
  • Enhanced developer agility. OpenShift's container-based approach is aligned with cloud-native development practices, offering greater speed and agility for developers compared to traditional VM-centric environments.
  • Broad application ecosystem. Red Hat provides a broad set of integrated application services and partnerships with independent software vendors (ISVs).
  • Simplified management. OpenShift offers the ability to manage both containerized applications and traditional virtual machine (VM) workloads under a single control plane, streamlining operations and reducing complexity.

Managed Red Hat OpenShift Virtualization provided by HPE GreenLake Managed Services is a compelling solution for organizations seeking to maximize the potential of their virtualization infrastructure. With its robust features and comprehensive support, this offering empowers businesses to achieve greater operational efficiency, security, and agility in their virtualized environments.

IIS Consultative Services for Red Hat Virtualization

IIS is pleased to announce support for a new joint offering from these two technology leaders: Red Hat OpenShift Virtualization on HPE GreenLake as a fully managed service for organizations transitioning from VMware.

With Red Hat OpenShift Virtualization on HPE GreenLake from IIS, businesses get the benefits of a public cloud in an on-prem or hybrid cloud solution. It provides a cloud-like experience for customers who for whatever reason must maintain on-premises infrastructure.

At IIS, we understand that due to the speed of innovation and ever-increasing expectations on the services we provide, our compute environments are growing in complexity, even as the requirements for security and compliance increase.

With this in mind, we use a variety of methods to help gain an appropriate level of understanding to make informed decisions about what products and technologies to leverage in your environment. This is done in the form of presentations, demonstrations, and workshops that focus on selected technologies and highlight value points that may be relevant to a specific environment or use case. IIS industry partnerships put us in a unique position to leverage resources from various manufacturers and service providers to demonstrate and craft solutions to meet our customers’ varied business needs.

When a level of comfort and understanding has been established, IIS consulting resources work with our customers and partners to build appropriate solutions to meet identified business challenge(s). In the architecture and design phase, IIS leverages industry leading subject matter experts to determine the specific actions required to implement the solution.

IIS implementation and delivery resources work with our customers in a variety of roles. Whether it is solution implementation, Day-2 operations, performance tuning, remediation and discovery, or just general consulting, IIS is here to serve as a trusted partner and go-to technical advisory resource for our customers around the globe.

IIS: Your OpenShift Virtualization Experts for Red Hat and HPE

Managed Red Hat OpenShift provided by HPE GreenLake Managed Services through IIS empowers organizations to harness the full potential of containerization technologies, driving innovation and competitive advantage with confidence and peace of mind.

Considering VMware alternatives? Consider Red Hat OpenShift Virtualization with HPE GreenLake Managed Services from IIS. We have the expertise you need on your journey from VMware to OpenShift, on-premises or at the location of your choice.

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The IIS Team

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