Amidst the shifting tides of virtualization sparked by Broadcom's acquisition of VMware, IIS steps forward with a groundbreaking solution:  Red Hat OpenShift Virtualization on HPE GreenLake. This solution marries the flexibility of Red Hat's OpenShift Virtualization with HPE GreenLake's cloud capabilities, offering businesses a smart, cost-effective alternative to traditional setups.  Engineered for both on-prem and hybrid clouds, It's a strategic move for businesses looking to navigate away from traditional constraints towards a more agile infrastructure.

IIS launches new Openshift virtualization solution service as alternative to VMware

Given the service consumption and pricing model changes brought about by the Broadcom purchase of VMware, many enterprises are considering migrating workloads from VMware to alternative virtualization solutions, where customers can expect to benefit from a wide range of advantages and lower costs.

One premier option exists at the intersection of Red Hat and Hewlett Packard Enterprise, where IIS possesses the technical expertise and strong relationships with both partners.

Today, IIS is pleased to announce support for a new joint offering from these two technology leaders: Red Hat OpenShift Virtualization on HPE GreenLake as a fully managed service for organizations transitioning from VMware. 

With Red Hat OpenShift Virtualization on HPE GreenLake from IIS, businesses get the benefits of a public cloud in an on-prem or hybrid cloud solution. It provides a cloud-like experience for customers who for myriad reasons must maintain on-premises infrastructure.

OpenShift Virtualization offers seamless integration with Kubernetes, enabling customers to leverage the full potential of containerized applications. This not only streamlines workload management but also enhances scalability and portability. Additionally, customers can take advantage of OpenShift Virtualization's robust security features, ensuring the protection of their workloads and sensitive data.

OpenShift is a flexible and cost-effective virtualization solution, allowing customers to optimize resource allocation and minimize expenses.

Interest in VMware alternatives like OpenShift are expected to rise as companies have seen exponential increases in their virtualization spend since the acquisition by Broadcom.

VMware has been the dominant hypervisor technology for over 20 years but is beginning to show its age. In addition to increased costs and forced bundling, VMware is not as scalable or security focused as today’s environments demand. It does not offer the modern application development tools of OpenShift, impacting speed to market. 

The partner support program has ended, and 3,000 VMware resellers have been laid off. 

Conversely, OpenShift stands at the cutting edge. OpenShift is proven, open source, developed by the upstream community, and offers leading cloud-native technologies with the flexibility to run apps on-prem and natively in the public cloud.

Avoid further lock-in to the VMware platform with IIS

As an expert in Red Hat OpenShift Virtualization, IIS has the knowledge and experience needed to guide a successful migration from VMware to OpenShift. IIS takes a consultative approach, working with each customer to develop an OpenShift virtualization strategy that meets their unique workloads and workflows, be it a fully managed service, in a datacenter colocation facility, or on-prem system with HPE GreenLake hardware.

With IIS coordinating Red Hat and HPE solutions, customers can move beyond VMware virtualization with confidence. By leveraging managed Red Hat OpenShift Virtualization on HPE GreenLake Managed Services, organizations can benefit from a reliable and scalable platform for deploying, managing, and scaling containerized applications.

This managed solution offers a range of advantages, including simplified infrastructure management, enhanced security and compliance, and increased agility and speed of application development and deployment.

With HPE GreenLake Managed Services, organizations can confidently rely on the combined expertise of IIS and HPE to manage their Red Hat OpenShift environment, ensuring optimal performance, availability, and scalability. This allows businesses to focus on their core activities, while benefiting from a flexible and cost-effective managed service model.

Furthermore, the combination of Red Hat OpenShift and HPE GreenLake provides a container platform that is built on the foundation of Kubernetes, enabling organizations to modernize their application development and delivery processes.

This results in faster time-to-market, improved operational efficiency, and greater flexibility to meet evolving business requirements.

IIS: Your OpenShift Virtualization Experts for Red Hat

Managed Red Hat OpenShift provided by HPE GreenLake Managed Services through IIS empowers organizations to harness the full potential of containerization technologies, driving innovation and competitive advantage with confidence and peace of mind. 

Considering VMware alternatives? Consider Red Hat OpenShift Virtualization with HPE GreenLake Managed Services from IIS. We have the expertise you need on your journey from VMware to OpenShift. Learn more at and email us at

The IIS Team

Written by The IIS Team