Red Hat OpenShift Virtualization through IIS's Red Hat OpenShift on HPE GreenLake Managed Services sets a new standard in the field, eclipsing  VMware. This service combines the robustness of Red Hat OpenShift with HPE GreenLake's scalability, offering a superior virtualization experience that enables businesses to excel in the modern IT landscape.

After 20+ years as the undisputed king of hypervisor technology, VMware is soon to achieve another milestone: legacy status, having been surpassed by modern virtualization solutions.

Since its November 2023 acquisition by Broadcom there have been many changes to the VMware service consumption model. Broadcom has drastically increased pricing, killed more than 50 products, and imposed forced bundling strategies on customers. 

Consequently, clients are forced to pay much more for aging technology, some of which they may not use or even need. VMware is not as scalable or security focused as today’s virtual environments demand, nor does it support modern application development tools.

It’s as if Broadcom knows VMware is approaching end-of-life and is holding customers committed to VMware hostage, squeezing every dollar out of the market before it dries up. Perpetual licenses are being phased out in favor of subscriptions. The channel partner support program has ended, the top 2,000 accounts have been taken direct, and 3,000 VMware resellers have been laid off. Clearly, Broadcom is circling the wagons around VMware.

As a result, many enterprises are exploring alternative modern virtualization solutions, where customers can expect to benefit from a wide range of advantages such as lower costs, reduced risk, and continued access to partner support.

Benefits of Red Hat OpenShift Virtualization

One such alternative is Red Hat OpenShift Virtualization. Red Hat OpenShift offers several compelling benefits for customers grappling with how to move on from VMware in a Kubernetes environment.

OpenShift Virtualization seamlessly integrates with Kubernetes, enabling customers to leverage the full potential of containerized applications. This not only streamlines workload management but also enhances scalability and portability. Additionally, customers can take advantage of OpenShift Virtualization's robust security features, ensuring the protection of their workloads and sensitive data. 

By adopting a managed Red Hat OpenShift Virtualization solution, customers can offload the care of their virtual IT environment to dedicated, experienced professionals, allowing their developers and other skilled personnel to focus on more strategic, value-added activities. This not only frees up valuable time and resources, but also ensures a more efficient and reliable operation of the environment, enabling customers to drive innovation and growth with confidence.

Migrating workloads to OpenShift presents a compelling opportunity for customers to enhance their operational efficiency and achieve a competitive edge in their respective industries. But many organizations are reluctant to move to the cloud. Fortunately, IIS has an answer.

Bring OpenShift Virtualization Home with HPE GreenLake

Red Hat OpenShift on HPE GreenLake Managed Services provides a self-service containerized management solution running on fully managed HPE infrastructure that can reside on-premises or in the datacenter/colocation facility of the customer’s choosing.

There are many factors that drive organizations to keep their data and/or services on-premises. Whatever the motivation is to maintain direct control over services or data, the HPE GreenLake approach to Red Hat’s OpenShift virtualization solutions simplifies the creation, management, and scaling of an on-premises infrastructure. 

When considering the HPE GreenLake approach of placing data and services in the customer’s preferred location as opposed to a standard hybrid cloud approach, there are several key benefits to be noted:

  • Hosting data and services on-premises or in a dedicated facility allows organizations to maintain complete control over their infrastructure, ensuring security and compliance with specific regulatory requirements. 
  • Facilitates faster access and response times for critical applications and data, leading to improved performance and overall operational efficiency. 
  • Ownership of dedicated resources allows for greater customization and tailoring of the infrastructure to meet specific business needs, providing a more optimized and responsive environment. 
  • Hosting data and services in close proximity to compute assets often results in lower latency and more consistent network performance, which is crucial for applications with high demands for speed and reliability. 

These benefits collectively contribute to a more secure, efficient, and flexible infrastructure, making dedicated and on-premises solutions a compelling option for many organizations.

Comprehensive Red Hat OpenShift Virtualization Solutions by IIS

IIS is pleased to announce support for a new joint offering from these two technology leaders: Red Hat OpenShift Virtualization on HPE GreenLake as a fully managed service for organizations transitioning from VMware.

With Red Hat OpenShift Virtualization on HPE GreenLake from IIS, businesses get the benefits of a public cloud in an on-prem or hybrid cloud solution. It provides a cloud-like experience for customers who for myriad reasons must maintain on-premises infrastructure while supporting these critical business initiatives:

  • Cost-effectiveness: By leveraging the pay-per-use model of GreenLake, organizations can optimize resource utilization and lower overall operational costs, aligning expenses with actual usage.
  • Choice of data/service location: Cloud-like consumption model for Red Hat OpenShift allows data and services to be located wherever your business requires.
  • Enhanced security: Managed OpenShift on GreenLake integrates robust security features to protect applications and data, ensuring compliance with industry regulations and standards.
  • IIS Managed Red Hat OpenShift solution: Provides the maintenance, updates, stability, and security of your OpenShift environment while freeing your resources to pursue revenue producing activities.
  • Streamlined deployment and management: Managed OpenShift on GreenLake provides a simplified and efficient process for deploying and managing OpenShift virtual machine clusters, reducing the complexities often associated with manual setup and maintenance.
  • Automated updates and patches: The service automates the process of applying updates and patches, reducing the burden on IT teams and minimizing downtime associated with manual maintenance.
  • Managed Virtualization solution: A forward-thinking and cost-effective alternative virtual machine management strategy.
  • Scalability and flexibility: The platform offers the ability to scale resources as needed, providing flexibility to accommodate changing workloads and increasing demands without compromising performance or stability.

IIS: Your OpenShift Virtualization Experts for Red Hat & HPE

Managed Red Hat OpenShift provided by HPE GreenLake Managed Services through IIS empowers organizations to harness the full potential of containerization technologies, driving innovation and competitive advantage with confidence and peace of mind.

Considering VMware alternatives? Consider Red Hat OpenShift Virtualization with HPE GreenLake Managed Services from IIS. We have the expertise you need on your journey from VMware to OpenShift, on-premises or at the location of your choice. Don't look back.

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