In today’s digital economy, data is the driving force behind almost every business decision. Faster data analysis yields faster decisions to create competitive advantages. As such, the ability to store and efficiently process vast amounts of data is critical to most enterprises.

But most organizations do not store their data in a single centralized location. Rather, there are lots of silos created by data warehouses, data lakes, and file shares across the enterprise. Customers are looking for a simplified approach to unify, access, and analyze all this data.

The problem is that many organizations attempting to execute data-first modernization initiatives are using legacy analytics platforms that were either built for a pre-cloud era and lack cloud-native capabilities, or require complex migrations to public clouds, risking vendor lock-in, high costs, and forced adoption of new processes.

Many customers want to migrate to a more cloud-native solution, but don’t want to go from one proprietary platform to another or lose the level of control over data offered by on-prem assets.

Clearly, the future calls for a hybrid approach, and the future is now.

HPE GreenLake Enhances Next-generation Analytics

HPE GreenLake is the first cloud-native solution to bring Kubernetes-based Apache Spark analytics and the simplicity of unified data lakehouse cloud services optimized for on-premises and hybrid environments.

Built from the ground up to be open and cloud-native, HPE GreenLake for analytics cloud services will help enterprises unify, modernize, and analyze all of their data, from edge-to-cloud, in any and every place it's stored.

It is the only data fabric to combine S3-native object store, files, streams, and databases into one scalable data platform. 

Built on HPE Ezmeral software, HPE GreenLake provides a seamless experience for a variety of analytics, SQL, and data science users.

Now analytics and data science teams can leverage the industry’s first cloud-native solution on-premises, scale up Apache Spark lakehouses, and speed up AI and ML workflows without complex data migration, application rewrites, or lock-in.

With two new disruptive HPE GreenLake cloud services now available, IIS can help your organization overcome the challenges of modernizing analytics.

HPE Ezmeral Unified Analytics

An alternative to customers previously limited to solutions in a hyperscale environment, HPE Ezmeral Unified Analytics is the industry’s first unified, modern, hybrid analytics and data lakehouse platform.

Instead of requiring all data to live in a public cloud, HPE Ezmeral Unified Analytics is optimized for Kubernetes-based Spark environments in both on-premises and hybrid deployments. It uses open source software to ensure as-needed data portability and can handle a variety of data types and objects in one consistent platform, spanning from edge to cloud, avoiding silos and making data engineering easier.

Key advantages of HPE Ezmeral Unified Analytics include:

  • Dramatic performance acceleration. Speed Spark data prep, model training, and visualization, allowing data scientists and engineers to build, develop, and deploy at-scale analytics solutions into production faster.
  • Next-generation architecture. Multi-tenant Kubernetes environment supports a compute-storage separation cloud model, providing the combined performance and elasticity enterprise customers want.
  • Optimized for data analytics. A unified data repository for use by all data scientists, developers, and analysts is the foundation for a silo-free digital transformation that scales with the business and reaches new data sources.
  • Enhanced collaboration. Integrated workflows from analytics to ML/AI span hybrid clouds and edge locations to help data science, data engineering, and data analytics teams collaborate and deploy models faster.
  • Choice and no vendor lock-in. On-premises Apache Spark workloads offer the freedom to choose preferred deployment environments, tools, and partners needed to innovate faster.

HPE Ezmeral Data Fabric Object Store

Object storage with its virtually infinite capacity and low cost is the most effective underlying technology for applying data analytics, ML, and AI to vast data stores.

Traditionally used for backup, archival, disaster recovery, and regulatory compliance, today’s data-driven organizations have brought this technology to the center of digital transformation.

Object storage doesn’t just store files, it adds context through metadata to support fast search capabilities across volumes of data, can be managed through policies, and provides an audit trail.

HPE Ezmeral Data Fabric Object Store is the industry’s first data fabric to combine S3-native object store, files, streams, and databases into one scalable data platform that spans edge-to-cloud for improved compliance. It provides a global view of an enterprise’s dispersed data assets and unified access to all data within a cloud-native model.

Key advantages of HPE Ezmeral Data Fabric Object Store include:

  • Optimized performance for analytics. Designed for scalable object stores, it supports file, streams, databases, and object data types within a common persistent store, optimized for best performance across edge-to-cloud analytics workloads to reduce silos.
  • Globally synchronized edge-to cloud data. Clusters and data are orchestrated together to support dispersed edge operations, and a single Global Namespace provides simplified access to edge-to-cloud topologies from any application or interface, regardless of where it resides.
  • Continuous scaling. Enterprises can grow as needed by adding nodes and configuring policies for data persistence while the data store handles the rest. Synchronous scaling of files and objects reduces maintenance for separate technology stacks and file systems.
  • Performance and cost balance. Adapting to small or large objects, auto-tiering policies automatically move data from high-performance storage to low-cost storage to reduce TCO. Designed with native S3 API and optimized for advanced analytics, HPE Ezmeral Data Fabric Object Store enables customers to orchestrate both apps and data in a single control plane, while delivering the best price for outstanding performance.

HPE GreenLake edge-to-cloud platform and HPE Ezmeral are transforming enterprises by advancing modern data analytics initiatives for better, faster decision making.

Contact IIS for a no-obligation assessment of your hyperscale analytics and object storage capabilities and take control of your data with HPE GreenLake.

The IIS Team

Written by The IIS Team