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Storage is often the forgotten stepchild of the IT world. We’re so focused on building out our networks, deploying new applications, migrating to the cloud, getting to the edge, reducing exposure to cyber threats, and enhancing the user experience that sometimes we forget that at the core of it all is data.

All too often that data is isolated in diverse silos with limited accessibility, interoperability, and protection that hinders developer productivity, increases cloud complexity, and elevates risk. The exponential growth in data volumes, diversity, and distribution makes the challenges of digital transformation even greater.

For enterprises that want to get to the next level of automation with machine learning and artificial intelligence to speed decision making and reduce risk, a new approach to storage infrastructure is required. Organizations need trusted and innovative enterprise storage that provides unparalleled performance, scalability, and security at scale without compromise to run mission-critical applications.

PowerMax: The World’s Most Secure Mission-Critical Storage

Dell’s second-generation PowerMax family is designed to stay continuously modern so that businesses can fully unlock the power of their data and maximize ROI. Built on Zero Trust Security Architecture with Intel Xeon technology inside, the PowerMax platform is specifically designed to provide a disaggregated, share everything solution to meet the ever-increasing levels of performance, storage density, intelligent automation, and high security required by enterprise data centers and applications.

Based on PowerMaxOS 10, a new NVMe scale-out architecture with over 200 new features and functions plus the latest global inline data reduction technology, Dell PowerMax systems are ideal for relational databases, real-time analytics, demanding transaction processing workloads and big data applications that require uncompromising uptime and extremely low latency.

Each PowerMax model is designed for 6 nines of data availability and delivers predictable performance, enhanced flexibility, and the highest levels of efficiency to increase your competitiveness with:

  • Secure data storage – Incorporating security into the hardware layer with Hardware Root of Trust (HWRoT), secure boot, self-encrypting drives, anomaly detection, multi-factor authentication, and other features.
  • High performance – Dynamic Fabric architecture for 50% better response times and up to 2x more IOPS and throughput than first-generation PowerMax systems (PowerMax 2000 and PowerMax 8000).
  • Innovative architecture – New disaggregated storage architecture that allows customers to scale storage and compute independently, a new Flexible RAID scheme, and a redesigned internal dynamic end to end NVMe fabric using NVMe/PCIe NVMe/IB (InfiniBand).
  • Higher storage density – Provide customers with 7x more effective capacity per array than previous PowerMax models. The platform is architected to provide over 4 PBe, 32 front end ports in only 5U for the PowerMax 2500, with the capability to scale out to over 18 PBe and 256 front end ports for the PowerMax 8500.
  • Industry leading power efficiency – Up to 80% power savings per PBe delivering 5x the effective capacity per watt consumed when compared to previous PowerMax systems.
  • Improved data reduction capabilities – Maximize mainframe storage compression with a 3:1 data reduction guarantee, and a 4:1 data reduction guarantee for open systems.
  • Streamlined NVMe/TCP setup – First enterprise class storage platform to offer NVMe/TCP host connectivity, reducing configuration times by up to 44%.
  • New modern Integrated File management – Next-generation 64-bit containerized micro service architecture supporting up to 64 TB NFS and SMB file systems.

Scalable Cyber Resilience in Two Sizes

Dell’s newest PowerMax family consists of two models, the PowerMax 2500 and PowerMax 8500.

The PowerMax 2500 is the entry-point into next-generation, mission-critical storage. This NVMe scale-out offering is designed to provide customers with a small ultra-dense footprint, storing up to 7x more capacity (8PBe) in half the rack space compared with previous models. Along with its high efficiency design, the PowerMax 2500 supports the full complement of rich data services to handle demanding mixed workloads of block, file, and mainframe storage with the highest levels of availability and cyber resiliency. The PowerMax 2500 is best for customers with far less than one petabyte of storage, and is an ideal solution for organizations that need to consolidate mainframe and open systems storage workloads into a small rack.

The PowerMax 8500 is the new flagship NVMe scale-out model combining the richest data services with ultimate scalability. It delivers leading performance at scale for the most demanding mixed workloads requiring predictable performance with always-on availability. The PowerMax 8500 delivers up to 2x faster performance, under 60 microseconds read response times, and up 2x faster rebuild times compared with previous models. Like the PowerMax 2500, the PowerMax 8500 can easily consolidate open systems, mainframe, file, and virtualized storage to simplify operations, significantly reduce TCO and increase ROI. A single PowerMax 8500 can scale to 64,000 devices (LUNs), 65 million secure snapshots, and provides up to 18PBe of effective capacity to instantly recover data instantaneously in case of cyberattacks.

Dell PowerMax & IIS: Better together

Since its introduction in 2018, Dell PowerMax has become a vital platform for mission-critical applications run by enterprise customers. The PowerMax platform is used by 95 percent of Fortune 100 companies including the top 10 U.S. banks and the top 10 global health care companies. Its proliferation in data centers has made PowerMax a vital component not just to enterprise customers, but to the overall global economy by powering stock trading, credit card transactions, and mass transportation management, among others.

Customers choose and rely on PowerMax for their most intense and business critical workloads because of its key value propositions: to provide a trusted, proven, intelligent, efficient, secure, scalable, and simple to use enterprise storage platform. The next generation PowerMax 2500 and PowerMax 8500 eliminate traditional storage boundaries in every possible dimension—performance, scalability, capacity, security—to meet the increasing demands of traditional workloads and next generation cloud-based applications.

That’s why IIS, a Dell Technologies Platinum partner, recommends the Dell PowerMax platform, and now the new PowerMax 2500 and PowerMax 8500, to its customers with the highest level security requirements for mission-critical storage. To learn more about IIS can implement the world’s most secure data storage solutions, visit us at iistech.com and email us at info@iisl.com.

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