Take the First Step on Your Journey to the Cloud

Considering a move to the cloud but not sure how to best go about it? Do you know exactly what your cloud should—and could—do, and what type of environment is best for your organization, Public, Private, or Hybrid? IIS and TierPoint can help you identify the right IT infrastructure for the right workloads.

Our Hosting and Cloud Readiness Assessment is a critical first step to mitigate risk in any future migration. It begins with a comprehensive analysis of the current state of your IT portfolio to determine cloud readiness and hosting objectives, and ends with a concrete plan identifying the challenges and transition path to achieve your desired future state.

Eliminate Avoidable Risk

The pitfalls of a poorly planned cloud migration are many and costly. Organizations that attempt the transformation without professional assistance often realize they don’t know what they don't know until it’s too late. Excessive downtime, poor service, compliance and security issues, inability to scale, and undiscovered vendor limitations can all lead to unforeseen charges and hidden costs. That’s why enterprises turn to the team of experts at IIS and TierPoint for objective expertise to build a customized roadmap to the cloud. 

1-2-3 Methodology

The goal of a Hosting and Cloud Readiness  Assessment is to develop a solid business case for the recommended IT infrastructure design based on a deep analysis of current performance metrics. Together, we’ll gather data and budgetary requirements for transitioning services and build a fully cost-justified, right-sized cloud design. Will that be a private, public, or hybrid cloud environment? Don’t know yet; that depends upon what we discover. But we’ll be sure to get it right the first time with our comprehensive assessment methodology that’s as easy as 1-2-3.

  1. Automated IT inventory evaluation. A secure virtual appliance efficiently discovers and collects information and resource utilization data on all IT assets including infrastructure devices, servers, VMware hosts, and application stacks to build a complete profile of your IT environment. This data is used to map network traffic, group app stacks and map interdependencies, compliance requirements, and quantify current and projected computing workloads.
  2. Incorporate the human element. Going beyond the results of machine-gathered data, assessment activities include a hands-on review of existing internal documentation, plus workshops and interviews with key IT personnel to better understand business drivers, expected outcomes, as well as the abilities and limitations of current IT resources.
  3. Cloud hosting strategy evaluation. After all machine and human information gathering activities are complete, IIS and TierPoint will evaluate and present recommendations and action items to eliminate any gaps in readiness for cloud migration, and multiple options for cloud hosting strategies, with projected TCO and ROI for each platform.

All work is performed remotely with direct customer supervision and oversight, and all data and credentials collected during the assessment are always secure and never shared or sold.

Assessment Deliverables

Your IIS/TierPoint Hosting and Cloud Readiness Assessment report will provide a fully-justified cloud migration strategy with in-depth analysis on these facets of transformation:

  • Device Inventory Discovery
  • Auto Application Stack Dependencies
  • Issue Report with Remediation Plan
  • Server Compute Optimization Report
  • Cloud Sizing, Capacity & Resource Requirements Report
  • Future State Transition Plan and Cloud Architectural Designs (up to 3)
  • Financial Modeling & Budgetary Requirements
  • Cloud Roadmap & Implementation Timeline
  • Migration Approach & Migration Wave Plan
  • Assessment Summary Report & Recommendations

Planning a move to the cloud? Don't go it alone. IIS and TierPoint assessment services can set your organization up for success. Achieve your IT goals of increased performance and cost containment with the confidence of knowing your journey to the cloud is guided by trusted professionals.

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