Migration Assessment Simplifies Your Journey to the Cloud

Migrating to the cloud is a process; there’s a lot more to it than just flipping a switch. Together with the experts from IIS and TierPoint, we have identified your future state and the challenges that must be overcome to get there. That migration plan gives you direction, but there may be bumps in the road.

A Cloud Migration Assessment from IIS and TierPoint will test the migration plan with a multi-phase approach that includes tools and procedures designed to identify flaws and eliminate as much risk as possible with minimal disruption to daily business operations.

Throughout this stage, IIS and TierPoint experts will work with your team to conduct a series of readiness tests, develop contingency plans, and ensure everyone is aware of the steps and the order in which they’ll take place. The goal is to gather the information needed to evaluate cloud capacity requirements, and validate the chosen migration strategy against application stacks, server utilization, and system interdependencies prior to live migration cutover. 

Migration Assessment Methodology

As with our Cloud Readiness and Hosting Assessment service, assessment activities include both machine- and human-gathered intelligence to evaluate migration readiness. For the former, an automated discovery tool is used to identify assets that need to be included in a Migration wave plan, map out network traffic, and collect resource utilization and application dependencies. For the latter, IIS and TierPoint experts review existing internal documentation and conduct interviews with key internal stakeholders to understand business challenges and requirements, expected outcomes, and appropriate cutover expectations.

Together, we’ll ensure a seamless transition to the cloud, always incorporating industry best practices and aligning migration strategies with your requirements for testing and maximum allowable system downtime. All work is performed remotely, under direct supervision of customer IT personnel.

Assessment Deliverables

Your IIS/TierPoint Cloud Migration Checklist will provide findings and recommendations with actionable items to prepare for moving workloads. We ensure a thorough knowledge transfer to key personnel with a final review and presentation of reports covering:

  • Device Inventory Discovery
  • Auto Application Stack Groupings and Dependencies
  • Issue Report with Remediation Plan
  • Server Compute Optimization
  • Cloud Sizing & IaaS Resource Requirements
  • Best Practices Gap Analysis
  • Pre-Migration Checklist
  • Cloud Migration Wave Plan
  • Migration Approach
  • Assessment Summary & Migration Recommendations

Customers rely on the team of IIS and TierPoint professional to simplify complex migrations and ensure reliable cloud hosting services to achieve their business goals. After these assessments, you’ll be well on your way to the execution of a successful cloud migration.

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