No question about it, our healthcare system is strained to capacity, especially these days. As patient demand skyrockets at healthcare institutions across the country, being able to provide faster access to data and patient information is more critical than ever. As a result, healthcare providers are turning to the digital transformation to manage medical imaging data more effectively and cohesively. Dell PowerEdge Servers combined with NVIDIA graphical processing units (GPU) are ultra-powerful systems that allow for the accelerated medical images processing and data-intensive healthcare workloads, speeding through tasks that would crash traditional CPU-based architectures.

One of the biggest challenges facing any healthcare organization when updating its imaging strategy is balancing the clinical workflow and low latency-dependent requirements with the cost of resources needed to deliver a unified medical imaging solution. In other words, it needs to be scalable, extremely fast, and affordable. Healthcare providers must retain images per mandated retention requirements, sometimes seven years or more. IT departments are therefore tasked with managing ever-growing image storage volumes. Front line medical workers require near-instant access to select images and data to make critical decisions. Management implements policies to ensure these objectives are met at minimal cost. That's three different perspectives on the same problem. IIS, employing Dell and NVIDIA technologies optimized for healthcare institutions, is uniquely positioned to work directly with key departmental applications like radiology, cardiology PACS, dermatology, endoscopy, and other image-intensive systems to offer solutions to help achieve that equilibrium. Together, we'll develop customized strategies that define the right solution in the right place supporting the right clinical workload at the right cost.

Focus on the patient, not the hardware

IIS recommends Dell PowerEdge R and C Series servers. These ultra-dense, accelerator-optimized 1U/2U rack server platforms are designed for the most demanding applications. PowerEdge Servers configured with NVIDIA Tesla GPU V100 and RTX6000/8000 cards are ideal for heavy cognitive workloads such as artificial intelligence, machine learning, and deep learning to accelerate the most complex solutions.

The Dell PowerEdge R and C Series servers feature a redesigned look with front-facing slots, providing a convenient way to connect peripheral devices to offload processor workloads. As always, systems management is key, so all PowerEdge Servers are managed using the Dell EMC OpenManage systems management portfolio, enabling peak efficiency through the intelligent, automated management of routine IT tasks. This, combined with the unique, agent-free management capabilities of the embedded iDRAC9 with Lifecycle Controller, frees up time to manage more of what’s important, like patient care, instead of monitoring hardware.

No-cost assessment & financial assistance available

As a Dell Technologies Platinum and NVIDIA partner, IIS offers deep expertise in Healthcare Infrastructure systems powered by Dell PowerEdge Servers paired with NVIDIA GPUs. Contact us at for a no-cost assessment to determine if your medical imaging scanning and processing capabilities could benefit from an upgrade.

Need financial help in these extraordinary times? Dell is extending flexible financing terms including deferred payments for up to 180 days, zero interest, and other limited time offers to ease acquisition costs. Allow IIS to help explore your options for favorable financing.

Jay Singh

Written by Jay Singh