Not many industries generate the volume of data equal to healthcare and life sciences organizations. Whether the task is deciphering genomes, using AI and machine learning to scan images for abnormalities the human eye cannot see, storing terabytes of archived medical images used in the diagnostic processes, or managing the endless stream of HIPAA-regulated patient data, a consolidated yet scalable storage system is necessary to help providers quickly access information across multiple applications and critical IT workloads.

Dell PowerScale storage nodes, powered by PowerScale OneFS and available in capacities ranging from 10 terabytes to 10's of petabytes, provide an infinitely scalable storage system to help healthcare and life sciences enterprises across the world manage their digital clinical, surgical, medical, and administrative applications. In fact, here are five compelling reasons to engage IIS to deploy Dell EMC PowerScale solutions in your healthcare institution:

  1. Eliminate islands of storage. PowerScale OneFS provides truly scalable performance with an ever-expanding namespace for the consolidation of all of an organization’s file shares and healthcare applications into one space. It eliminates file server sprawl, helping to reduce data center footprint while streamlining file management, simplifying backup and disaster recovery operations, and lowering costs.
  2. Eliminate storage migration tasks. The simplicity of the PowerScale OneFS single file system solves one of the biggest pain points in healthcare application storage: time-consuming and costly manual client storage migrations. Dell's integrated Autobalance technology proactively moves data between storage systems to reduce the time, cost, and burden of complex manual data migrations across the infrastructure, regardless of scale. It eliminates storage node hotspots and the potential for human error as it balances capacity and ensures optimization of all resources in the system.
  3. Simplified, predictable scalability. Storage nodes can be added to a PowerScale cluster in about one minute with no downtime, making upgrades easy and predictable. It uses back-end data analytics to size the environment correctly. Regardless of future needs, PowerScale’s seamless non-disruptive migration of data, automatic rebalancing, simplified cluster expansion, linear scalability, performance monitoring, and NVMe support give customers greater performance, plus the ability to scale to the edge and scale to the cloud.
  4. Simple, efficient automated tiering. PowerScale SmartPools, PowerScale SyncIQ and PowerScale CloudPools eliminate time consuming, manual processes. A single PowerScale NAS cluster can automatically tier hot and cold data onto the appropriate node type; archive, hybrid, or all-flash. Cold data is moved to cheaper, denser solutions to deliver a better return on investment, allowing for mixed workloads to be performed without sacrificing application performance.
  5. Make data an asset not a burden. PowerScale storage solutions combine a powerful yet simple and highly efficient storage platform with native Hadoop integration, allowing healthcare enterprises to accelerate analytics, gain new flexibility, and avoid the costs of a separate Hadoop infrastructure. PowerScale is the only scale-out NAS platform natively integrated with the Hadoop Distributed File System (HDFS). Using HDFS as an over-the-wire protocol, organizations can deploy a powerful, efficient, and flexible Big Data cloud storage and analytics ecosystem for all of its clinical and patient data.

No-cost assessment & financial assistance available

As a Dell Technologies Platinum partner, IIS offers deep expertise in Healthcare Infrastructure systems powered by Dell PowerScale storage solutions. Contact us at for a no-cost storage assessment. IIS can design, deploy, and manage a complete storage solution that will enable your organization to power multiple workloads, applications, and process multiple data streams simultaneously.

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Jay Singh

Written by Jay Singh