Object Storage as a Service

Practically infinite scalability for storing and managing data spread over several locations.

Improve global availability for your applications with 24/7 access

Your users expect access to data at all times. Guarantee the delivery of that data – at any location, from any device.

Heterogeneous solutions

Support existing applications leveraging traditional file/block protocols while empowering cloud-aware workloads.

Enable a hybrid cloud with best-in-class flexibility

Achieve true flexibility through purpose-built object storage appliances supporting virtualization and public cloud integration. Seamlessly tier between on-premises and public cloud storage with automated, policy-based data movement.

Guaranteed data integrity and flexibility

Customize and build data integrity and durability models through software-based algorithms coupled with traditional RAID technologies. With policy-based management across geographies, you set the data durability levels within different volumes on the platform, so you never have to pick just one level of protection or availability.

Infinite scalability

Massively scalable, globally distributed object stores for the petabytes of data and billions of objects you have.

Private object storage

Your object storage is private and your resources are dedicated – providing security and guaranteed performance.


  • Lower the cost of tier two and three storage

    Object storage lets all tiers coexist within the same ecosystem, rather than wasting time and resources communicating with one another as separate entities. With the agility to seamlessly add storage amid exponential volume growth, enterprises save money and eliminate risk by making one purchase that accommodates any unforeseen changes to the business.

  • Reduce OPEX costs over the lifecycle of your data

    More data should always be a good thing – not a hassle to move it from array to array. Object storage knows where everything is at all times, moving data freely between tiers of protection and maintaining availability throughout the process.

Additional features and benefits

Here are some other features of our Object Storage as a Service solution:

  • +
    Consistent performance as capacity grows
  • +
    Integrate existing 3rd-party tools and platforms for end-to-end integration
  • +
    Self-healing and platform intelligence
  • +
    Simplified management
  • +
    Utilize data globally across platforms

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