There are countless artificial intelligence and machine learning (AI/ML) use cases for NVIDIA GPUs ranging from genomic research to autonomous vehicle driving. One of the largest and most exciting opportunities for AI/ML is in financial services.

The rapid pace of technology innovation has changed the entire financial services business model and will continue to force it to evolve. What was once an industry dominated by paper-based workflows has transformed into a paperless digital environment with trades and transactions executed in milliseconds or less. The sheer size of many financial institutions make them perfect candidates for NVIDIA GPU-based platforms, as AI/ML model accuracy increases dramatically with larger datasets to pull from. Financial services customer transactions generate terabytes of data daily.

GPU-based computing has many use cases in financial services like real-time fraud detection, credit risk analysis, NLP-based back-end process automation, and risk analytics for large trade executions to name a few. It can aid in compliance, security and cost reduction while improving the customer experience. For example, technologies like Natural Language Processing (NLP) provide human-like interactions with near instant response. It allows financial services companies to have highly responsive, routine voice and text message conversations with a huge customer base and handle a call volume that would otherwise overwhelm a human customer service department.

The common denominator of AI/ML is data. Lots of it. To effectively deploy AI/ML models to meet the needs of financial services companies and their customers, or any business for that matter, requires training. Lots of it. Millions of circumstantial and situational variations are fed into the GPU-accelerated neural network to give it the experience to properly interpret customer language and requests, present the customer with the right options to solve a problem, or execute a process. More than just, I'd like to make a deposit, NLP enables the system to decipher sophisticated requests or help customers figure out why there is a problem and resolve it with limited or no human interaction.

IIS delivers end-to-end support for ML/Ops, including the architecting, deployment, and operationalization of AI/ML-based systems to financial services companies. IIS can help integrate big data platforms and frameworks to present the massive amounts of data required in machine learning environments. IIS uses NVIDIA GPU-based infrastructure to accelerate model training with more iterations, quicker updates and lower latency, delivering faster training turnaround times. Additionally, NVIDIA provides optimized and accelerated Machine Learning and Deep Learning frameworks that can more accurately predict outcomes; understand, anticipate, and respond to customer requests; and reduce the incidence of false positives.

Does your financial services company need help modernizing its data center operations to incorporate the advantages of machine learning and AI? With the power of NVIDIA GPUs, IIS can guide you through every stage of machine learning process development.

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Written by The IIS Team