Why HPE Zerto?

Because ransomware detection and monitoring for other online threats is not enough.

Eventually, your organization WILL be the target of a cyberattack, and something WILL get through. No solution provides 100% protection 100% of the time, and certainly not when the threats are constantly evolving. You need an IT resilience strategy that will enable your organization to recover quickly from an attack or disruption from any source.

But IT resilience is about more than cyberthreat detection and prevention; it’s about solving for any disruption, planned (upgrades, cloud migrations, failover tests, etc.) or unplanned (natural disasters, power outages, hardware failures, etc.), with RTOs of minutes and RPOs of seconds for uninterrupted business performance. You need HPE Zerto.


Why Now?

Because you never know where or when the next outage will strike, its cause, severity, or duration. And you can be sure your organization will pay a heavy price in financial damages and downtime if successfully attacked.

What is HPE Zerto?

While ransomware has become a top C-level priority, HPE Zerto is much more than just a disaster recovery tool, it is a multipurpose data replication solution. It enables long-term data archival and compliance, facilitates app testing and development, and manages seamless data migrations for continuous availability across on-premises, hybrid, and multi-cloud environments. HPE Zerto saves resources and lowers costs by consolidating multiple DR solutions into one software-only platform.

HPE Zerto is NOT a ransomware detection tool. Based on the principle of continuous data protection (CDP), it mitigates risk from all manner of cyber attacks and disasters through near-synchronous, automated, and always-on data replication to enable:

  • Point-in-time disaster recovery. Limit data loss to seconds no matter the cause of the disruption. If disaster strikes at 10:00:00, roll back the clock to 9:59:55 to recover from that exact moment. This is a vital capability to minimize data loss at enterprises processing thousands of transactions every minute.

    Continuous data replication and powerful journaling capabilities allow for granular recovery at scale across thousands of VMs in minutes. HPE Zerto tracks every single change made to an application or server – even hundreds or thousands of servers – and logs these as checkpoints every 5 or 10 seconds. App-centric recovery means every machine will be restored to the same exact checkpoint with the same write order fidelity across the entire VM stack to quickly resume operations.
  • Continuous backup and long-term retention. Easily replicate, store, and restore data and apps with integrity using cost-effective, platform-agnostic storage solutions of your choice.
  • Data mobility and migrations. Freely migrate data and applications in and out of on-premises and public, private, or multi-cloud environments without data loss or disruption in just a few clicks. HPE Zerto supports all major public clouds and hundreds of managed service providers for continuous accessibility no matter where data and apps live.
  • Cloud security. Organizations moving to the cloud must protect themselves against cloud-based threats. HPE Zerto delivers continuous orchestrated protection for businesses performing production workloads in the cloud.
  • Testing and development. Quickly spin up duplicate environments for safe, efficient off-line penetration testing, development of upgrades and patches, migration dry runs, or application modeling on isolated data sets that differ from production or DR assets by only a few seconds.
  • Cost-effective compliance. Archive, store, and monitor data as required to achieve industry compliance, and automate compliance and live backup reporting to meet regulatory mandates.

HPE Zerto: The Swiss Army Knife of Data Protection

So why HPE Zerto, why now? Because it is a single tool that provides continuous protection for any application, on any cloud, against any threat.

It works effortlessly in the background to catalog every change, providing always-on CDP without impacting production. It neutralizes cyberthreats and unplanned disruptions, frees up IT personnel to focus on strategic priorities, and simplifies cloud management.

HPE Zerto is the IT resilience solution trusted by over 9,500 customers in all industries across the globe. It does the job of multiple DR solutions, allowing enterprises to consolidate data center infrastructure, slash downtime, and limit data loss to seconds to achieve uninterrupted business operations.

Comprehensive analytics and resource forecasting offer total visibility, and its user-friendly dashboard allows staff to perform a fail-over, fail-back, move operation, and mobilize thousands of VMs in a few simple steps. Plus, HPE Zerto is hardware- and storage-agnostic. It’s why we call HPE Zerto the Swiss army knife of data protection.


To learn more about HPE Zerto and how IIS uses Zerto products and services to deliver continuous data protection and complete peace of mind, visit us at iistech.com and contact us at info@iisl.com.


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