Data has always been the lifeblood of business, with market leaders often emerging as those who excel in harnessing the power of data for real-time decision-making to gain a competitive edge. Whether the application calls for making split-second financial trading decisions, monitoring networks for malware and cyber threats, forecasting a storm track, or detecting fraud before an eCommerce transaction is processed, real-time data analysis is critical to business success. The days of analytics being an end-of-the-day process have long since passed.

With the meteoric rise of AI, the opportunity to get ahead of competitors – and the risk of falling behind – has never been greater, and so is the cost. The machine learning and other sophisticated algorithms driving this intelligence can come at a high price. Huge streaming and historical data volumes and rapid iterations require a powerful, modern software-defined storage platform. The underlying storage infrastructure needs to provide sub-millisecond low latency to make the fastest possible decisions, deliver scalable throughput for processing high volumes of data, and economically manage the vast data stores collected from ever-increasing sources.

An Efficient, Agile Cloud Data Platform from Lightbits Labs & IIS Technology

To meet the demanding requirements of AI-driven performance-intensive applications, IIS Technology in partnership with Lightbits Labs is proud to announce the next generation in NVMe storage for any I/O-intensive application environment: NVMe over TCP (NVMe/TCP). Incorporating software-defined and automated technologies and methodologies, the solution provides an agile, data-centric architecture that enables organizations to unleash the full value of their data.

NVMe® was initially designed for use with direct-attached PCIe SSDs and was later expanded with NVMe over Fabrics (NVMe-oF™) to support a hyperscale remote pool of SSDs. The industry has widely accepted that the NVMe-oF model will replace Direct Attached Storage (DAS) and become the default protocol for distributed block storage in public, private, and edge cloud infrastructures. NVMe/TCP is the most powerful NVMe-oF technology, providing high performance with reduced deployment costs and design complexity. NVMe/TCP extends NVMe across the entire data center using simple and efficient TCP/IP fabric.

Shorten Time to Insight with Software-Defined Storage Built on NVMe/TCP

NVMe/TCP storage delivers high performance at local NVMe flash speeds with extreme scalability and enterprise resiliency. Built on a clustered architecture, the Lightbits Labs NVME/TCP platform unifies resources to efficiently provision and manage storage like a SAN, while gaining the speed and simplicity of NVMe/TCP networking. It also provides enterprise data services such as fast snapshots and clones to speed DevOps and provide data protection. Benefits of the Lightbits Labs NVMe/TCP platform disaggregated storage for cloud-native applications include:

  • High Performance at Scale. The Lightbits data platform delivers extreme performance of up to 75 million IOPS and consistent sub-millisecond latency even under a heavy load. This performance profile makes it ideal for the latency-sensitive workloads commonly found in trading systems, real-time analytics, and mission-critical databases.
  • The NVMe/TCP Advantage. Built by the inventors of the NVMe/TCP protocol, Lightbits delivers exceptional performance using standard TCP/IP networks and Ethernet NICs without requiring any configuration changes. No proprietary hardware or software is installed on client systems.
  • High Availability and Resiliency. Lightbits’ clustered architecture eliminates service disruptions if nodes or drives fail or become inaccessible. It heals itself when nodes or drives are replaced and supports non-disruptive rolling software upgrades. Lightbits also provides built-in incremental snapshots for data protection, and multi-zone synchronous replication across racks or data centers provides business continuity.
  • Intelligent Flash Management. To maximize storage resources, Lightbits optimizes SSD media through smart data placement, thin provisioning, and compression for an up to 4:1 total data reduction. At the same time, it can extend flash media endurance by up to 20 times.
  • Efficiency for Agile DevOps. Lightbits provides rapid snapshots and thin clones that can shorten time-to-market and discover debug issues more quickly. With thin clones, developers can rapidly spin up new dev environments in seconds and provision new databases and test changes without affecting live data. Furthermore, users can propagate data and code repositories across multiple scenarios chewing up storage capacity.
  • Operational Efficiency. To support mixed workload environments, Lightbits provides multi-tenancy with Quality of Service capabilities to prevent resource hogging. With Lightbits, businesses can optimize resource utilization by scaling compute and storage resources independently. And Lightbits is API-driven to integrate with preferred management tools. 

Get Ahead with a Data Platform Built for Real-Time Processing from Lightbits Labs & IIS

In today’s data-driven world, success relies on converting data into actionable insights as quickly and efficiently as possible. The rate at which data is produced and collected – as well as the complexity of interactions – is accelerating, making IT and DevOps jobs even more challenging and critical to business success.

Whether it’s identifying patterns to improve business strategies, personalizing customer engagement to drive sales, analyzing news, market trends, and historical data to make split-second decisions, today’s enterprises need a rock-solid, high-performance data platform to handle growing data volumes. With NVMe/TCP storage from Lightbits Labs and guidance from IIS Technology to design and implement the right solution to enable real-time decision-making, we can propel your business ahead of the competition. Contact us now and one of our NVMe/TCP storage experts will be in touch, or email us at

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