Most IT leaders would agree that the cloud model can speed business outcomes through easy access to scalable compute and storage assets on demand. The cloud is flexible, offers affordable consumption-based pricing, and simplifies IT operations. 

Many of these same decision makers would also agree that there are many applications they are hesitant to move to the cloud due to compliance, security, and/or performance issues. They need the power and agility of the cloud experience to meet today’s business demands but worry about losing control over mission-critical data.

Enter Hewlett Packard Enterprise GreenLake implemented by International Integrated Solutions (IIS). It bridges the gap to deliver the cloud experience to on-premise environments.

The HPE GreenLake platform brings the cloud experience — self-serve, pay-per-use, scale up and down, and professionally managed services — to apps and data across edges, co-locations, and data centers. It enables businesses to free up capital, boost operational and financial flexibility, speed digital transformation efforts, and implement emerging technologies quickly.

The Best of Both Worlds

Unlike other HPE solutions, GreenLake is not a physical product. It is not something you can touch or has mass, but rather a consumption-based IT platform spanning edge to cloud in which everything is offered as a service. HPE GreenLake delivers a unified cloud-like experience across entire hybrid IT environments with all the advantages of an on-premise data center. HPE GreenLake is the cloud that comes to you.

HPE GreenLake solves the problem of how to balance on-premise access control, compliance, and security with the efficiencies of a consumption-based public cloud model for a best-in-class hybrid cloud solution.

After conducting a thorough needs analysis and roadmapping your digital transformation, IIS experts procure, deliver, and install the HPE GreenLake platform storage and compute assets, cloud services, and other necessary resources at your facility with no up-front costs.

Customers retain complete on-premise control over their data and data security protocols, with low latency and zero data egress charges from edge to cloud, yet enjoy the cost-effective consumption-based pricing, scalability, flexibility, and 24x7 compliance and capacity monitoring services of a cloud-based solution.
The HPE GreenLake platform offers a broad portfolio of cloud services and provides scalable networking, compute, and storage power. IIS has deep experience with HPE GreenLake and can customize your environment with countless add-ons to automate virtually any workflow, including:

  • Financial Management
  • Containers
  • Kubernetes
  • ML/AI Ops
  • Ezmeral Data Fabric
  • Managed Services
  • VDIs as-a-Service
  • Data Protection
  • Governance & Management
  • Hyperconverged Infrastructure
  • Object Storage
  • Cloud Storage

At the center of it all is the GreenLake Central portal. A unified dashboard that puts control in the hands of those who need it with advanced analytics, actionable insights, and accurate demand forecasting across all instances of public and private clouds. Simple point-and-click operation provides real-time visibility into costs, consumption, and capacity.

Why HPE GreenLake and IIS?

With HPE GreenLake, businesses go from owning IT assets to having IT capacity delivered as a service. This lowers hardware and infrastructure expenses, avoids overprovisioning, yet retains the agility and scalability to meet changing business objectives.

Through the HPE GreenLake platform, IIS helps businesses stabilize their IT expenditures and shift expenses from CapEx to OpEx. HPE GreenLake implemented by IIS enables total control over your on-prem environment while delivering the cloud experience everywhere. Contact IIS to learn how we can help you simplify consumption, reduce complexity, and get the cloud that comes to you

The IIS Team

Written by The IIS Team