Businesses migrate their data center operations to the cloud for myriad reasons like scalability, performance, and cost savings, to name a few. All are excellent motivations. But there are multiple ways to get to the cloud, each with its own pros and cons. Fortunately, it is no longer an either/or choice.

While public and private clouds have traditionally been the most popular options, hybrid cloud is gaining traction as organizations seek to modernize their business applications, connect to leading industry public clouds (i.e. AWS, Azure and Google) and move services closer to users and partners to improve performance. But hybrid clouds can pose challenges, such as security concerns, compliance risks and decreased performance when using the public internet. Plus, the demand for peak performance will only intensify as data-hungry applications leveraging technologies like AI, IoT and streaming media consume a greater amount of bandwidth.

Fortunately, there is a new type of hybrid cloud environment that offers the best of both worlds: Cloud-Adjacent. It combines the speed in provisioning and agility of a public cloud with the control and security of a private cloud. Cloud adjacency delivers these advantages by allowing companies to physically position their private infrastructure in a data center, next to the cloud. This provides organizations with a secure and direct connection to the public cloud and IT providers, while lowering latency and eliminating costly connectivity and data excise  fees. Additionally, cloud adjacency offers a bridge for enterprises just starting their journey to the cloud. Workloads can be moved to the cloud in an incremental, phased approach, perhaps starting with test and development or backup and moving to production systems when they are ready.

IIS partners with Tierpoint, a leading cloud services provider with over 40 world-class, Tier III data centers, to host systems in their enterprise data centers. Tierpoint has made a considerable investment in high bandwidth, low latency connections to the leading public clouds like AWS, Azure and Google, as well as service providers. This creates a totally self-contained environment with superior cloud and network connectivity and the redundancy that an organization requires for little or no downtime.

The value proposition to a business is clear: IIS has the expertise to design, build and host your infrastructure using a cloud-adjacent architecture inside an enterprise-level data center in partnership with Tierpoint. We can help determine which applications and workloads should be moved to the public cloud, and which should be hosted cloud-adjacent or on-premises to maximize efficiencies and minimize data excise fees. Once up and running, the enterprise can assume responsibility for as much of the monitoring and maintenance as they feel comfortable with, and let IIS handle the rest.

IIS - Your partner for cloud-adjacent architecture

International Integrated Solutions (IIS) is a managed services provider and systems integrator with deep expertise in data center design, co-location hosting and management. If you are searching for ways to improve network performance and reduce costs, IIS can help determine the best data center architecture for your needs.

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The IIS Team

Written by The IIS Team