As businesses continue to embrace the multi-cloud model and adopt various Kubernetes flavors, the MSPs that support customer IT and DevOps teams have had some tough choices to make regarding complex, geographically disbursed Kubernetes management:

  1. Hire experts for all cloud providers and all managed Kubernetes services – an expensive proposition that would result in a lot of idle time for full-time staff.
  2. Specialize in one cloud and one Kubernetes – an option that results in lost revenue when the chosen service does not match customer demand.
  3. Use unskilled labor that must learn the customer's cloud and Kubernetes on the fly – a route which reduces quality, delays delivery, and makes for unhappy customers.

None are ideal answers. Now, because IIS is a premier partner in the HPE GreenLake ecosystem, there is another option: HPE has added a GitOps-centric multi-cloud Kubernetes Application Operations platform called KAOps to the HPE GreenLake Marketplace. It solves MSPs' multi-cloud Kubernetes management dilemma, and IIS is one of the first HPE partners authorized to support it.

Platform agnostic Kubernetes management

HPE KAOps is a new category of DevOps platform that works with all clouds and all Kubernetes flavors. KAOps is a software stack that runs on top of Kubernetes infrastructure to help deliver, upgrade, monitor, secure, and connect applications. It allows IIS customers to leverage a state of the art, all-in-one solution to simplify, automate, and protect cloud native operations, as well as applications, on Kubernetes, even in multi-cloud environments. HPE KAOps' innovative approach seamlessly integrates best-of-breed open-source tools, like Kubernetes packagers, observability, continuous delivery, security (service mesh), and multi-cloud networking.

With HPE KAOps, enterprise application operations teams can focus on business outcomes instead of investing time and money reinventing and maintaining their own stacks. Running in the cloud, KAOps platform as a service is ready for consumption by application operations (DevOps, SREs) teams everywhere.

IIS knows HPE KAOps

As an MSP, HPE KAOps allows us to effectively manage and deliver services to any cloud provider or Kubernetes cluster, and offer our customers the freedom to choose and change their cloud and Kubernetes providers as needed.

HPE KAOps streamlines operations and makes them repeatable, so that we can deliver services faster, with higher quality, and on time to customers with complex, geographically disbursed Kubernetes management needs. IIS customers can automate many of the DevOps steps to download, build, and support their application stack. Further, for accounts that do not have the resources to do so internally, IIS and the HPE KAOps cloud platform management can fill the gap to deliver the expertise customers require when it comes to multi-cloud Kubernetes operations and Infrastructure automation.

With HPE Kubernetes Application Operations offered through IIS, our customers benefit from:

  • Simplified Kubernetes cloud native application operations
  • Secure Kubernetes cluster APIs
  • Accelerated application features with continuous delivery and GitOps
  • Access to enterprise support for ArgoCD GitOps
  • Support for cloud native applications/operations
  • Extend HPE Ezmeral Runtime Enterprise to hybrid, edge, and multi-cloud

Is your organization searching for an MSP partner versed in managing hybrid and multi-cloud Kubernetes? You found it in IIS and the HPE KAOps platform. Visit to learn more about how IIS can solve your multi-cloud Kubernetes dilemma.

The IIS Team

Written by The IIS Team