Patterns are often the keys to success. Studying, identifying, and parsing behaviors can lead to better outcomes whether the task is designing a power play, solving a crime, or improving customer service. The common denominator is having historical records to review in a format that reveals repetition. That's media, and up until recently, that usually means analog video or audio tape. The problem is that it's not always accessible or indexable, and the search process relies on hours upon hours of people watching and listening to legacy events on tape—not the speediest or most reliable process. A properly trained AI search engine can catch patterns humans will never see. But for most businesses that technology has been out of reach.

All types of organizations are sitting on mountains of audio and video footage archived on tape. Think about every professional sports franchise and NCAA college athletics program that has ever existed. News organizations, recording artists, and movie studios. Archived security camera footage. Millions of recorded customer service calls. But data preserved on tape or secondary storage is useless. Sure, you can go back and find the exact moment Bobby Nystrom crossed the blue line to see if he was offside when he scored the winning goal against the Flyers in the 1980 Stanley Cup finals. But what about trying to exploit a future opponent's weaknesses in various end-game situations, reviewing security camera footage of the same entrance at random days and times, or trying to correct compliance violations through better training?

What if there was a way to accomplish all of these types of
jobs—and even go beyond them to monetize petabytes or exabytes of archived legacy data through analytics or creative reselling opportunities? There is, and it is called VAST Universal Storage.

 VAST Data's unique all-flash storage architecture allows media-intensive entities to transform thousands of hours of audio and videotape into searchable digital libraries. The data can then be accessed by machine learning applications to identify patterns for success, failure, or specific moments frozen in time. The VAST Universal Storage platform not only reduces storage costs by up to 90% over legacy storage technology, it unlocks the value of that data to turn what was once a static expense into a fluid, revenue generating asset.  

VAST Universal Storage makes it easy to find the needle in the haystack. Now, data scientists can quickly and easily isolate individual player highlights and formations, or find advertiser and sponsor logos. They can search for a suspect or vehicle seen at the corner of 5th and Main during a specified period. They can identify keywords and phrases to avoid for call center training and compliance purposes, or pick out every single appearance of a comedian over a 30 year career on the old Johnny Carson Tonight Show. These and other examples are so manually intensive it could take days or weeks to do what could be accomplished in seconds with the right AI data processing tools, without exposure to human error.

IIS partners with VAST Data to deliver Tier 1 storage at archive storage pricing to modernize and monetize legacy data. If your organization has amassed thousands of hours of archived media, we can not only help you reduce storage costs, we can help turn yesterday's highlights into tomorrow's opportunities.


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International Integrated Solutions (IIS) is a leading managed services provider and systems integrator. As a VAST Data partner, we help businesses with massive amounts of legacy data organize and leverage it for maximum performance and value. Contact IIS for a free evaluation of how VAST Universal Storage technology can revolutionize and monetize your legacy media catalog.

The IIS Team

Written by The IIS Team