Managed Services

Increase operational efficiency with peace of mind.


Built on the power of ServiceNow and complemented by an array of multi-vendor tools, our enterprise service management platform customizes in-depth performance metrics, rich dashboards, alerts, governance, and custom reports for proactive, unified monitoring.


We don’t install any solution we can’t maintain. IIS designs, builds, automates, and runs your custom solution, with 24/7/365 support from lifecycle management experts, and integrations into all our leading partners. Move forward with rigor and control in alignment with ITIL v3 standards, and stay agile to serve evolving business goals.


We pride ourselves on proactive management – detecting possible incidents before they become problems, and delivering faster response times when a problem occurs. The result is reduced downtime, a "right-sized" IT staff that can spend more time on other priorities, and an IIS support system that values accountability above all else. Service offerings are based on leading ITIL standards, with full ITSM and ITOM support, leveraging SOPs customized to meet your unique business needs.


Our breadth of partners allows IIS solutions to remain vendor-agnostic, ensuring the right solution and management to meet your needs. IIS people are experts in solutions and services from HPE, ServiceNow, RedHat, VMware, Aruba, and many more – if we can’t find the right solution for you, it doesn’t exist.

Some of our Managed Services partners and technologies

Service Now Logic Monitor Redhat Hewlett Packard Micro Focus Palo Alto Aruba Vmware Alcor Nexthink dell

Advocacy & Support

A dedicated Service Delivery Manager is part of the IIS Managed Services Solution.

While IIS maintains your infrastructure, you retain control to build and run your applications, while gaining valuable IIS advocacy and support to help you focus on vital business functions.

Event & Incident Management

Service disruptions are inevitable. Lessen the impact with our Enterprise Service Management Platform.

Service disruptions are inevitable. Lessen the impact with our Enterprise Service Management Platform. We directly analyze the impact of your unplanned outage and resolve it based on agreed upon SLA’s. An Incident is an unplanned disruption or degradation of service. Event correlation and reporting supported by Artificial Intelligence automatically identifies and helps to prevent Incidents. With our Enterprise Systems Management platform; including our suite of best of breed supporting tools and ITSM procedures, we proactively monitor the overall health of your infrastructure resources and maintain daily activities to investigate, mitigate and resolve

Problem Management

Find and resolve the root causes of your IT problems to prevent future disruptions.

One or more incidents can lead to service disruptions, which can lead to loss of reputation, revenue, and customers. IIS Managed Services proactively manages and fixes the problems that cause service disruptions – now and in the future.

Change Management

Minimize disruption amidst planned or unplanned changes.

To keep up with the rapid pace of IT, enterprises must replace older technologies and upgrade newer ones. IIS Change Management provides workflow, audit and governance for smooth management of solution rollouts to minimize risk and increase efficiency.

Service Asset & Configuration Management (SACM)

Identify and control your organization's assets for better control and visibility.

No organization can be fully efficient or effective without proper asset management. IIS Enterprise Systems Management and robust discovery technology ensure SLA compliance, cost containment, and better decision-making within a mature SACM process.

Provision Management

Enable rapid and simplified on-demand provisioning of pre-defined configurations.

IIS’ Managed Services automation and integration with the ITSM service catalog allows you to quickly stand up applications or services through a self-service portal.

Patch Management

Take care of your OS patching needs to keep resources current and secure.

When vendors release updates or patches – including RedHat, Microsoft, VMWare, CISCO, PaloAlto, Aruba, HPE, Amazon, etc. – IIS Managed Services applies them in a timely and consistent manner to minimize the impact on your business.

Data Backup & Business Continuity Management

You define the intervals. We back up your data.

In the event of a failure or outage that impacts your business – or simply at your request – we can restore any of your backups as needed. 

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