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HPE Hyper Converged SimpliVity 380

Bring storage, computing, and networking onto a single system with HPE Hyper Converged Infrastructure.


Augment your infrastructure and application delivery, modernize your data center, integrate with cloud services – and transform your business.

Gain business agility with automated IT services

Reduce provisioning times, be more agile and save money through the power of automation.

Ensure control through policy-based governance

Eliminate human provisioning errors to increase QA levels and patch management ease. Ensure that users receive the right applications and the right resources.

HPE awarded solution provider

Achieve high levels of operational efficiencies by knowing the true cost of every service with real time analytics, you can make sound business decisions to stay on top of trends, be proactive and head off potential problems.

Develop operational efficiencies

Mitigate risk, reduce complexity and decrease your Total Cost of Ownership by implementing the right operations and management tools.


HPE Synergy and Composable Infrastructure

With so many application running on multiple physical infrastructures, it can be difficult to maintain efficiency. HPE Synergy from IIS helps you face these complexity and inefficiency problems with a Composable Infrastructure solution tailored to your enterprise.


IIS & HPE Data Storage

When it comes to infrastructure, the buzzwords and terms can get confusing pretty quickly. Ed Karasinski breaks it down, and demonstrates how HPE SimpliVity lives up to its name.


IIS & HPE Synergy

Deploy, expand, and redefine your resource pool at lightning speed with HPE Synergy from IIS.


IIS and HPE InfoSight

Get unprecedented insight into your virtual environment with HPE InfoSight from IIS.


IIS and Micro Focus

As a Micro Focus Platinum Partner, IIS can design, install and maintain a customized solution that allows you to measure the impact of IT ops on your business in real time.


HPE Hyper Converged: Simplivity 380

Bring storage, computing, and networking onto a single system with HPE Hyper Converged Infrastructure.

Some of our Infrastructure partners and technologies

State-of-the-art IIS Demo and Staging Facility
Created to validate customer's solutions, the on-site IIS Integration Center allows us to build and test prior to deployment, ensuring deployment goes smoothly.

Hyperconverged Infrastructure

Do more with less complexity with greater performance.

Eliminate Infrastructure silos, Consolidate Data Center, Simplify and Standardize to achieve greater efficiencies and control within your operations.

How can we help you do more with less?





Composable Infrastructure

Achieve software defined datacenter through the power of composable infrastructure.

Enjoy all the benefits associated with hyperconverged infrastructure and leverage a single open standards Restful API to be able to mold your data center, virtual machines, bare metal containers, underlying storage, and network. This enables us to take the power and intelligence of cloud automation and be able to drive that power beyond deploying virtual machines and containers on fixed and rigid infrastructure. We are able to automate the entire stack.

How can Composable Infrastructure empower IT?

Open integration with automation, orchestration, and management tools.

Achieve true autoscaling beyond the underlying IaaS.

Storage & Data Management/Migration

Managing data across hybrid cloud environments and moving of the data onto new architecture and in new formats.

Companies face new challenges as data is not only growing at exponential rates, but that data is being generated within multiple public/private cloud fabrics and hosted services from SaaS providers. Hybrid Cloud Data Management and IIS consulting/audit services can help perform the necessary analysis to help you begin to classify and build policy based rules around your data and manage it across both your private cloud and public cloud environments to ensure efficiency, protection, and visibility no matter where the data is generated or migrated.

What are some of the benefits we can provide?

Public Cloud Migrations


Big Data



Drive operational efficiencies

Object Storage conversions

VM to container

Traditional SAN/NAS to public cloud or composable infrastructure

Network & Security

What is Cloud Security?

Security is more paramount than ever especially when leveraging public environments and hosts services which is why IIS offers a whole host of best in class security solutions that scale and integrate with both public and private cloud environments.

How we can help with your security needs?


Shadow IT Audit/Assessment

Next generation firewalls with application vulnerability scanning

Wireless security

Encryption and third party key management


Containerization is the next wave of virtualization.

Containerization enables customers to virtualization their applications/services at a more efficient level and incorporates the app/dev supply chain management into the provisioning and managing of the containerized services.

What are the benefits of Virtualization?

Smaller footprint

Open source

Available on public/private cloud

Lifecycle management

Cloud management/automation integration

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