Hybrid Cloud

Where do you put your workloads?

Ormuco – The Intelligent Cloud

The future of cloud is open-source. Ormuco and IIS have teamed up to deliver the most scalable, flexible Hybrid Cloud ever.

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Hybrid Cloud

Helping clients determine the Best Execution Value (BEV) and delivering real business need

Gain business agility and time to market with automated IT services

Reduce provisioning times, be more agile, increase security and save money with automation.

Control through policy-based governance

Ensure that users receive the right applications and the right resources. Eliminate human provisioning errors to increase QA levels and patch management ease.

Create intelligent resource management

Add business intelligence and behavioral triggers to you’re your workloads within your hybrid cloud environment.

Develop operational efficiencies

Leverage containerization, virtualization, automation, and intelligent resource management to drive operational efficiencies across your private and public cloud environments.


Automated Cloud Server Demo – Introduction

In part one of our automated cloud server demo, Arthur Reyenger introduces IIS’ the soution, which utilizes VMware’s vRealize and Ansible Tower.


Automated Cloud Server Demo – Resource Provisioning

In part two of our automated cloud server demo, Yet Chang introduces the ServiceNow portal and walks you through its catalog of services.


Automated Cloud Server Demo – Ansible Tower

In part three of our automated cloud server demo, Eric Chong explains Ansible Tower’s role in configuration management, application deployment, and task automation.


Automated Cloud Server Demo – Conclusion

Arthur Reyenger concludes IIS' automated cloud server demonstration.

Some of our Hybrid Cloud partners and technologies

Hybrid Cloud Management

Increase your ROI by placing your workloads in any environment – drive cloud service agility, accelerate operations, leverage containerization, and improve time to market.

Our hybrid cloud management solutions decrease constraints, enable choice, place workloads in any environment to increase ROI based on where they are in their lifecycle.

What are some tools we use to increase your ROI?


Open Shift

vCloud Foundation


Hybrid Cloud Strategy

Strategic and tactical engagements that revolve around planning, designing, deploying, and operating.

Our consulting service will help you identify what your cloud mix should be and guide you through the transformation process. Consultants have experience supporting both brown space and green space workloads and virtual and container based workloads to ensure our recommendations around hybrid cloud fit customer needs.

How can we facilitate, enhance, and add value?

Developing a clear hybrid cloud strategy and roadmap.

Providing cloud architecture design & deployment support.

Enabling ITaaS by building out a unified service catalog for our client’s end-users.

On-boarding via a “White Glove” QuickStart to public cloud platforms ensures the networking and security is done correctly.

Migrating workloads and managing the environment from our NOC for clients that don’t have the appetite or internal people, processes and tools to do it themselves.

Containerization migrations.

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