viisights brings the power of video understanding to video security and safety applications while leveraging your current investment in video monitoring technology.

Realize a better ROI on your existing CCTV system and achieve cost savings through manpower reductions even as you enhance the security of the community, employees, and customers you serve.

viisights adds a layer of powerful artificial intelligence-driven behavioral recognition video analytics technology over your video camera network to automatically detect and alert security and safety personnel to workplace violence and safety violations in real time.

Offered on-premises, through private cloud, or as a service, the viisights WISE platform uses contextual awareness to learn, analyze, and understand scenes, events, and actions and then make intelligent recommendations.


  • Reduces human monitoring tasks/costs
  • Speeds response to events of interest
  • Dramatic reduction in false alarms and unnecessary responses
  • Increased worker safety
  • Low TCO; leverages existing hardware from multiple brands


  • Violence Prediction and Recognition
  • Weapon Detection
  • Suspicious Activity Recognition
  • Crowd Behavior
  • Perimeter Protection
  • Traffic Monitoring
  • Personal and Environmental Safety

Together, the viisights WISE platform implemented by IIS makes corporate campuses, hospitals and healthcare facilities, schools, government buildings, sporting arenas, and large spaces smarter and safer by helping detect and prevent potentially harmful and dangerous events from occurring or escalating.

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