Edge Computing

The future of cloud is decentralized. IIS Edge Computing takes your infrastructure to the edge.

Ormuco Cloud Stack

Ormuco’s Edge Computing solution offers a decentralized platform for thousands of devices, with the same functionality of the public cloud.

HPE Synergy for Lightning-Fast Deployment

With HPE Synergy accelerating app and service delivery within a fully programmable infrastructure, your datacenter works smarter – and latency is a thing of the past.

Manage Your Data Through a Decentralized Platform

Lighten the load for your centralized cloud by transferring compute to user devices.

Bring Cloud Functionality to the Source

Using our turnkey solution, deploy applications to any location with a single click.

AI-Enhanced Bandwidth

Running AI on devices, rather than the centralized cloud, enables each device to save on bandwidth by saving only the data they need most.

IIS Integration

IIS architects, integrates, installs and maintains your customized Edge solution.

  • Compute at the Source

    Edge computing is not the end of the cloud; it’s an evolution. Instead of asking a central cloud to handle massive quantities of data, edge computing processes data at or near its source. However you do business, if you collect data, you’re losing time and bandwidth bringing it a central cloud. IIS edge computing is the solution that closes the gap.

  • What is Edge Computing?

    Cloud computing has revolutionized IT for all types of businesses. But as IoT data gets larger, sending all that data to a centralized public cloud is a recipe for latency – and as performance standards increase, that won’t cut it. The future of cloud is not in that centralized structure. With cloudlets operating closer to your devices, edge computing brings public cloud functionality from the "center" to the edge – to you, your business, and your devices.

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