Cloud on Demand

A complete cloud solution – including management orchestration and automation, and full flexibility with public cloud integration – to help customers meet their business goals faster.

Regain control of your workloads and eliminate sprawl

Many organizations struggle to control the existing assets and datasets within their virtual environment. IIS Cloud on Demand solutions help customers regain control and put visibility into the existing virtual environments, enabling continuous security of the environment through standardization, automated approvals, and SLAs.

Meet internal SLAs for time to deploy

We make sure workloads meet securities requirements while staying on the developer’s schedule, with automated policies to turn off VMs that are no longer being requested.

Flexible application deployment

IIS’ Cloud on Demand solution provides support for workload migrations from private cloud to public cloud based on cost, availability, performance, and scalability.

Ensure security, governance, audit and compliance

With centralized cloud management and a uniform service catalog, you mitigate risk through hybrid cloud solutions by consolidating control, security, and data durability/availability.

Respond quickly to rapidly changing market factors

Business success depends on how quickly you respond to new market conditions. Our hybrid cloud solution’s lifecycle methodology enables that agility, with assessment, workload placement, service catalog creation, automation, and cloud management for all cloud-based workloads.

Decrease time to market for new applications

Our repeatable, secure solution allows you to rapidly deploy your most demanding workloads, providing you with business agility without sacrificing security requirements.


Simplify Enterprise Adoption, Deployment Management and Consumption of Cloud Resources with HPE GreenLake

Move applications and workloads seamlessly between private and public clouds with IIS and HPE Greenlake Hybrid Cloud.


Repatriate from AWS

Even if you’re running thousands of applications, you are not locked into AWS. Orlando Bayter introduces Ormuco’s proprietary solution that leverages OpenStack to save you nearly 70% compared to AWS, while keeping a similar look and feel.


IIS, HPE Synergy & Ormuco

Whether on-prem or off-prem, you want a turnkey solution that gives you everything in one. Orlando Bayter discusses how IIS and Ormuco work with HPE Synergy to make it happen.


IIS & Ormuco IT Consolidation

As IT evolves, one challenge stays the same: integrating different systems and meshing infrastructures that weren’t necessarily designed to work with one another. It shouldn’t have to be so expensive – and now, it isn’t. HPE GreenLake Flex Capacity gives you agility and scalability in a pay-as-you-go model, combining IIS' integration skills, HPE hardware and Ormuco open-source technology.


IIS & Ormuco Edge Computing

Ormuco’s Orlando Bayter introduces Ormuco’s edge computing solution. With on-the-ground installation and support from IIS, edge computing takes the burden off of your central cloud, letting you process data at or near the source.


  • An automated solution for integrating with a public cloud

    The public cloud conversion process is time-consuming at best, and risky at worst. IIS Cloud Management deploys the application code and its data for your existing workloads to eliminate the risk and cut down the time.

  • Deliver IaaS and PaaS solutions

    The IIS Cloud on Demand assessment methodology quantifies workload and application costs, availability, agility, compliance and day two operational support for each of the targeted workload.

Additional features and benefits

Here are some other features of our Cloud on Demand solution:

  • +
    Audit logging
  • +
    Approval process
  • +
    Capacity planning
  • +
    Charge / show Back
  • +
    Compliance reporting
  • +
    Configuration management
  • +
    Lifecycle management
  • +
    Multiple endpoints integration
  • +
    Public cloud integration
  • +
    Security integration
  • +
    User-initiated request portal
  • +
    Workflow automation

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