With the advent of new enterprises in today's generation, there has been a rise in the hue and cry about how consistent these enterprises will be in terms of performance and customer service. But when it comes to older enterprises that have still managed to survive and coexist under stiff competition, industry newcomers still have much to learn from the veterans. New York-based IIS, founded in 1990, has a number of things to tell today's techies.

A flexible business model is a must if you want to retain clients and continue to innovate.

"At IIS, we take a common sense and vendor-agnostic approach to serving our clients' business requirements, their applications and all possible use cases," said John.

“Any IIS project starts with the engagement of our PMO. Our trained and experienced personnel follow a Services Delivery Methodology and Framework to ensure clients’ success while our Consulting & Integration lifecycle approach provides a proven and disciplined approach to every engagement.”

"On the other hand, our robust delivery foundation coupled with experienced account management supports clients' project goals from beginning to end, while each stage of the lifecycle incorporates proven methodologies and industry best practices."

Indeed, when a company as old as 26 years is known to be serving Fortune 100 companies spanning all industries - including banking, retail, media, healthcare and government - there remains no doubt about its commitment to innovation and service. 

Helping clients with their journey to the cloud by assessing the current workload and cloud maturity, and mapping out optimal steps to provide the agility and costing benefits of a true hybrid cloud solution, IIS has gained strong industry credibility for its commitment to excellence. Today, the company has offices in Plainview, NY, Manhattan, NY, Danbury, CT, and Greater Boston, M.A. 

Focus on Success as a journey instead of a destination.

"With our time-tested Service Delivery Methodology and Framework, we have helped our customers deliver projects on time, within budget, all while mitigating risk," said John. "And all this has been possible because of our state of the art integration center, where we builld and test prior to a customer delivery. Much credit also goes to our team of experts, who apply practical experiences from IIS Lab to validate customers' solutions and enable deep understanding of underlying technologies." 

With current solutions that include IT Transformation, Cloud, Big Data, Desktop Virtualization and Security and a global outreach, IIS has earned an enviable reputation as a top solutions provider for multiple OEMs including HPE, Redhat, VMware, etc., over the years. Yet John believes that the company has a long way to go. With business and life learnings that set excellent examples for newcomers to learn from, IIS has continued its commitment to excellence and has gained strong industry credibility by earning some of the most difficult IT certifications from top technology vendors. "We have a two-to-one technical ratio to sales which demonstrates our focus on technical solution excellence," said John.

And for those yet to make their mark or waiting to strengthen their market position, John has a final word. “Challenges are what every enterprise faces, but one should strive to sort it out instead of avoiding it. At the same time, one should also focus on being agile to adapt to changes in the industry and adopt new solution areas. The rest will automatically follow and the IIS journey is a testament to this"

Media Relations: Susan Signet, 877-704-4001, ssignet@iisl.com