Plainview, NY – May 22, 2020 – IT solutions provider International Integrated Solutions, Ltd. (IIS) today announced a strategic partnership with VAST Data, Inc. to provide next generation universal storage platforms that eliminate storage complexity and the performance bottlenecks typical of legacy platforms.

For 30 years, IIS has designed and managed IT solutions across a wide range of industries building platforms from high-performance computing, networking and storage to hybrid cloud. Through this agreement with VAST Data, IIS now offers high performance file, object and container storage at petabyte to exabyte scale to its data-intensive customers, at archival storage prices, thus breaking decades of tradeoffs imposed by legacy architectures.

As the name implies, the VAST Data storage platform is excellent for industries like media, financial services, healthcare and life sciences seeking access to scalable enterprise-level storage for applications such as video archival, AI, machine learning, genomic research and intense quantitative analysis. This next-generation all-flash storage architecture leverages transformative technologies including QLC Flash, NVMe over Fabrics and Intel's Optane 3D XPoint combined with VAST's proprietary software. The result is VAST Data’s Universal Storage, a unique platform that dramatically increases overall system performance, reduces storage costs by up to 90% over legacy storage technology, and enables customers to monetize previously untapped digital assets.

"One particular use case that we are very excited about will allow our customers to convert thousands of hours of video archived on tape, which is petabytes of data, to VAST's all-flash architecture," stated IIS Founder and CEO John Iacone. "Data sitting on tape or secondary storage is useless. VAST Universal Storage will allow our clients to unlock the value of this historical data for analytics and reselling opportunities for pennies on the dollar compared to traditional storage technologies. This unique capability is just one more reason why we chose to partner with VAST Data. We are truly pleased to welcome VAST into the IIS family," continued Iacone.

The VAST Universal Storage architecture – in addition to being fast enough, scalable enough and affordable enough for all data and all applications – is designed with next-generation connectivity in mind to future-proof the solution for lasting value. "This partnership with International Integrated Solutions represents a powerful opportunity for VAST Data to significantly expand our presence in the northeast market," said Jeff Denworth, VP, Products and Co-Founder of VAST Data. "IIS, as one of our early-adopter partners, has a demonstrated ability to apply resources and expertise to create business value by leveraging our innovative storage architecture. We’re excited to partner with IIS as we focus our combined energies to serve a broad range of customers and verticals with VAST Data’s award-winning Universal Storage offering."

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