IIS is pleased to announce it has been named an inaugural partner in the new Hewlett Packard Enterprise GreenLake Management Services Partner Program. This unique opportunity will enable IIS to offer advanced managed services for the full solution stack to mid-market and enterprise accounts powered by the HPE GMS Platform for unmatched performance and reliability.

Embracing the Business Value of Managed Services
In this era of digital transformation enterprises are leveraging technology to drive innovation, improve business agility, and streamline operations to ensure they can meet the needs of dynamic global markets and demanding customers.

Charged with keeping mission-critical apps and infrastructure running smoothly while implementing new technologies such as artificial intelligence (AI) and Big Data, internal IT organizations need help. Managing diverse technologies is already difficult, adding complex hybrid/multi-cloud environments increases the burden on IT staff and requires specialized tools and skills that are expensive to acquire and retain.

Offloading much of the day-to-day operational responsibilities to a managed services provider (MSP) to support an organization’s server, storage, database, and application environments allows IT teams to free up resources to take on more valuable transformative projects. Studies show that MSPs can save enterprises millions of dollars in annual support costs while still advancing business objectives through:

  • Handling routine IT activities and providing best practices and support, and filling gaps in complex skill sets.
  • Optimizing server and IT infrastructure use by increasing staff-to-server ratio and reducing hardware requirements.
  • Limiting operational risk through better response to security threats and performance issues.
  • Supporting business operations by minimizing the frequency and impact of unplanned outages.

The Business Value of HPE GreenLake Management Services

HPE GMS has been a leader in managed services since 2019. With a unique combination of people, process, and platform, HPE GMS:

  • Speeds digital transformation by bringing full-stack expertise and automation across data centers, colocations, edges, and clouds
  • Simplifies IT infrastructure by delivering an as-a-service experience with workload automation, capacity management, and remote monitoring
  • Reduces risk by managing security and compliance with 24x7 proactive monitoring, correlation, and threat remediation
  • Provides holistic monitoring and insights across complex IT environments for increased transparency from core to edge to cloud.

HPE GMS is a seamless extension of its award-winning GreenLake consumption-based IT platform in which scalable networking, compute, and storage power is offered as a service. HPE GMS provides deeper and higher level management of entire IT ecosystems than the services provided as part of the standard GreenLake Infrastructure as-a-service (IaaS) offering. HPE GMS delivers remote monitoring, operations, and administration to support enterprises’ IT environment from infrastructure through workloads and applications.

GMS falls under the broader HPE GreenLake branding umbrella as it is a true multi-vendor management platform capable of managing all types of infrastructure and clouds, not just native GreenLake or HPE services. HPE GMS is a hybrid solution for the most complex and heterogeneous environments. As testament, HPE GMS customers report an average of 85% reduction in unplanned downtime, 41% less time spent performing routine tasks, and a 35% increase in overall IT efficiency resulting in a 287% three-year ROI with payback in just six months.

In fact, in 2021 HPE beat out over 90 other competitors to bring home the Technology & Services Industry Association (TSIA) STAR Award for Innovation in Managed Services Strategic Adaptation for the third straight year.

HPE’s most recent innovation in the GMS space is the creation of its Partner Program. As an inaugural member, IIS is proud to be one of a handful of select companies able to provide these capabilities to our customers.

The Added Value of IIS Managing Your HPE GMS

Enterprises could engage HPE directly for GMS, and HPE will assign a dedicated Customer Success Manager to ensure the delivery of products and services, handle reporting and analytics, and make recommendations for improvement.

Going this route requires deep knowledge from internal IT staff to help design, deploy, and maintain GMS equipment and solutions in partnership with HPE. As an MSP, it is HPE’s mission to serve the customer with HPE solutions. But what if the customer needs help identifying business strategies, transformation goals, and processes prior to committing to the platform? What if they want to implement technologies other than GreenLake-branded products? HPE Customer Success Managers may not have extensive knowledge of solutions outside their silo, or they make recommendations based on how they are compensated.

Accessing the HPE GMS platform though IIS solves these issues. IIS gets involved at the earliest stages of discovery to determine the best path forward in an organization’s digital transformation journey and transition to managed services. IIS engineers work with customers to develop workloads that meet business objectives, scope out the contracted services, and then keep multiple eyes on dashboards to monitor system performance and make recommendations for continuous improvement. Those recommendations may be to implement solutions from outside the HPE portfolio, perhaps from RedHat, AWS/Azure/GCP, Nvidia, Dell, Nutanix, and others.

As a true hybrid managed services platform GMS manages not only HPE infrastructure, middleware, and applications that are on-premise, but it is also broad enough to support third party infrastructure, all of the public clouds, and edge computing. IIS is the one-stop shop businesses need to build world class managed services, leveraging our expertise to merge the finest aspects of HPE solutions and those from a broad selection of complimentary partners.

And the best part? Engaging IIS as the intermediary between HPE GMS and the enterprise to benefit from objective IT guidance and more granular monitoring and support of business operations costs the customer nothing more than working directly with HPE. IIS is compensated through the HPE GMS Partner Program for performing activities that would have been handled by HPE. The Partner Program gives IIS access to deliver enterprise-level managed services and advanced problem escalation to its customers and allows HPE to expand the platform with minimal additional staffing. A win-win!

With IIS, customers benefit from the white glove sales experience and continued support of a trusted advisory team dedicated to their success that can rarely be duplicated by a huge technology vendor alone. To learn more about how IIS can add value to your organization through HPE GMS, visit us at iistech.com and email us at info@iisl.com.


Media Relations: Susan Signet, 877-704-4001, ssignet@iisl.com