Plainview, NY – August 30th, 2021International Integrated Solutions (IIS), a leading managed services provider and systems integrator, is pleased to announce it will begin deploying TidalScale’s software-defined server technology on Dell PowerEdge x86 servers. This marks an expansion of the IIS/TidalScale partnership through an initiative to run Big Data workloads on Dell commodity servers.

TidalScale is a leader in the concept of server virtualization. Its Software-Defined Server technology allows customers to create a software-defined server of virtually any size, on demand, from standard commodity physical servers in minutes.

“Scale up systems are designed for high-value enterprise workloads that focus on a single task with massive in-memory requirements. Many have hundreds of cores with memory capacities of 8 terabytes or more. The problem is that these servers are equally as expensive and rigid as they are powerful”, explains John Iacone, Founder and CEO, IIS. “The TidalScale platform gives our customers a cost-effective alternative to scale up machines using commodity Dell servers. It’s much more flexible and doesn’t lock our customers into fixed configurations.”

TidalScale software “glues” x86-class commodity servers – and now Dell PowerEdge x86 servers – together so that they function as a single system. The software accomplishes this by aggregating the cores, memory, and I/O of multiple physical servers, virtualizing these resources, and then presenting all assets as a single machine with a single OS to the application, delivering the computing resources equal to a scale up machine. All of this happens with no changes to applications or operating systems, at a fraction of the cost of traditional scale up servers.

“Data volumes are growing fast. Rather than having to purchase and deploy another scale up machine when the current server hits workload capacity – usually a million-dollar-plus investment – with TidalScale, now our customers can simply cluster more Dell PowerEdge x86 servers until they have achieved sufficient processing power, storage, and memory to run the application,” says Justin Geib, Dell Vice President, US Sales at Dell Technologies “We’re very excited to partner with TidalScale through IIS.”

TidalScale is elastic. It can dynamically scale virtual server size up or down with little or no hardware investment. Built-in machine learning (ML) technology monitors and provides feedback on itself. It learns how to best use cores and memory pages to optimize workloads to continually improve performance. The TidalScale value proposition is simple: it allows enterprises to manage and squeeze the most value from their data by combining or repurposing fleets of low-cost computing assets into one unified platform that can be used to handle the most data-intensive, time-sensitive, mission-critical applications – even old commodity servers that have been sitting idle on a shelf.

IIS and TidalScale also make it easy for customers to “pay as they grow” by simply adding more commodity servers as needs escalate – a cost-effective alternative to over-provisioning. Enterprises that rely on huge in-memory databases like Oracle Database and SAP HANA are discovering that TidalScale Software-Defined Servers offer a low-cost solution option to traditional scale up machines.

As an early partner and adopter of TidalScale software-defined server technology, IIS has the expertise to help businesses scale up and compose multiple servers into a single entity. Eliminate the configuration and deployment headaches and huge investment usually required for heavy analytics or database workloads. By adding Dell to the mix, IIS and TidalScale allow businesses to move away from legacy proprietary systems and transform the economics of their IT infrastructure using Dell PowerEdge servers, the world’s number one brand of x86-class servers.

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International Integrated Solutions (IIS) is a leading managed services provider and systems integrator that delivers compute, storage infrastructure and management solutions for the data center, public and private clouds. Since its inception in 1990, IIS has built high-status partnerships with the likes of Dell Technologies, Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE), Microsoft, Nutanix, Nvidia, RedHat, VMware and others.


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