Shorten time to insight with software-defined storage built on NVMe over TCP.

Lightbits invented the NVMe/TCP protocol, a software‑defined, disaggregated block storage solution for private, edge, and public clouds. Lightbits enables organizations with I/O-intensive applications to unleash the full value of their data with real-time analytics.

NVMe/TCP data storage delivers high-performance at local NVMe flash speeds with extreme scalability and enterprise resiliency. Sub-millisecond low latency enables the fastest possible decisions and economically manages vast data stores collected from ever-increasing sources.

With Lightbits Labs NVMe/TCP disaggregated storage platform for cloud-native applications, organizations will realize:

  • Application scalability. Scale compute and storage resources independently.
  • No specialty networks needed. Uses existing software, TCP/IP network, and Ethernet NICs, lowering total cost of ownership.
  • Single storage cluster. Service multiple tenants and heterogeneous application environments.
  • High Availability and Resiliency. Self-healing clustered architecture supports non-disruptive rolling software upgrades.
  • Intelligent Flash Management. Extracts 20x more endurance from immensely dense and lower cost QLC SSD.
  • Efficiency for Agile DevOps. Rapidly spin up new dev environments and provision new databases and test changes without affecting live data.
  • Persistent Storage improves storage utilization 85%.
  • Container optimized for Kubernetes.
  • Native VMware support. Integrated with VMware vCenter for single-pane-of-glass management of the entire storage infrastructure.
  • Rich data services including compression, snapshots, clones, and more.
  • Works with existing application workloads – high-performance databases, traditional databases, and Big Data analytics.
  • Works wherever data lives – edge, public, private, or hybrid cloud.

Build your cloud on the leading NVMe/TCP data platform from Lightbits Labs and IIS.

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