IIS is pleased to announce its strategic partnership with Hammerspace and Citrix. Hammerspace Geo-Spanning Software Defined File (NAS) Platform has been officially verified as Citrix Ready®.  Hammerspace enables Citrix® Virtual Apps and Desktop users to easily, quickly, and transparently access data across multiple locations, on-prem, and/or within the cloud.  Now, data is readily available, as it follows the user regardless of where they are located, greatly improving their virtual desktop experience, while also giving administrators far greater control and management of how and where this data is protected and stored.

Hammerspace is a next generation, Geo-Spanning Software Defined File (NAS) Platform that optimizes multi-site Citrix VDI Controller deployments.  Hammerspace is the data virtualization platform for Citrix virtual desktops.  Hammerspace works with your existing storage solutions underneath Citrix to untether data making it instantly available to each remote VDI controller.  User profile and home directory data for VDI is instantly presented to each Citrix VDI Controller regardless of location significantly reducing latency and improving the end-user experience.  Reduce dependence on SD WAN and associated costs.  Implementation does not require migration, is nearly instantaneous, and scaling is non-disruptive.  Prevent data loss with built in snapshots and ensure uptime with advanced disaster recover capabilities.  

Do you need to immediately scale your current VDI implementation to: 

  • Increase performance and reduce latency?
  • Meet the current work from home demand for distributed and at-home users?
  • Deploy more remote VDI controllers?

VDI solutions can be:

  • Painful due to boot times and latency for remote workers
  • Costly due to storage, data management, and WAN optimization
  • Complex to manage given the interoperability across these systems

Would you like to schedule a discussion and demonstration of how IIS and Hammerspace can non-disruptively improve the Citrix VDI experience for your remote users?

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