Your enterprise has thousands of employees relying on business technology and they're all your responsibility regardless of title, location or function. Chances are most know how to use devices and applications to perform their jobs but have little idea how to fix them when something goes wrong. So when a problem occurs – an application slows, a hard drive crashes, a virus is detected, a user cannot send emails or print, or someone spills a cup of coffee on their keyboard – your team has to spring into action.

And therein lies the challenge: enterprises are constantly battling employee dissatisfaction with IT due to their being reactive to employee issues rather than proactive. IT is dependent upon end-users to alert the help desk and open support tickets. Time is wasted on both ends as the aggravated employee explains the problem while IT dives down various rabbit holes searching for the cause. L1 support tickets may get elevated to L2 or L3 status, further sapping user productivity and costing the business exponentially more money.

Improving the digital experience is key to maximizing employee retention. Good help is hard to find. High turnover means increased training expenses and reduced efficiencies as new hires come up to speed. Corporations have realized that to attract and retain top-level talent they must offer a first-class technology experience equal to what candidates are used to getting on their consumer devices.

So how does IT proactively gain insight and improve employees' digital experiences without adding to their responsibilities? The solution is Nexthink, a strategic digital experience management platform that provides IT with complete visibility into every employee's digital experience to help ensure successful digital transformation.

The software is installed on every PC and endpoint – Windows and Mac, physical or virtual. Nexthink enables IT to take a proactive approach and improve service delivery through greater visibility into the IT environment from the end-user perspective. This innovative "outside-in" monitoring tactic ensures users have secure access to all the applications, data and peripheral devices they need to efficiently do their jobs. Nexthink sees all executables and web services accessed by every end-user and captures the metrics of every device – hardware, software and utilization – allowing IT to proactively monitor performance to ensure a positive employee experience. Nexthink enables IT to see the impact of their actions with KPIs, understand user adoption, and gather employee sentiment. It can then engage employees in real time to deliver a digital experience score so IT knows who is having a bad experience and can focus on those users proactively. Nexthink provides the intelligence and automation to predict, pre-empt and prevent IT problems before calls reach the help desk, and to quickly resolve issues for all users affected by the same problem.

Traditional "inside-out" monitoring is no longer sufficient. IT needs to be able to see everything from an end-user perspective to ensure all of the services they deliver are available to every user. Nexthink accomplishes that, and more. It enables clients to better understand their internal IT environment, and how it’s being used, in real time. The intelligence it gathers enables management to better plan roll-outs and projects so that they work the first time. Nexthink provides tremendous ROI opportunities by optimizing IT costs through ticket reduction, reducing MTTR, intelligent hardware refreshes and reducing unused Software Licenses. This helps lower the number of IT problems, and in turn the number of highly paid employees needed to correct mistakes. Well, maybe not preventing coffee spills, but just about everything else.

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International Integrated Solutions (IIS) is a managed services provider and systems integrator with deep expertise in digital transformation and Nexthink digital experience management platform. If you are searching for ways to close the visibility gap between your employees and IT, IIS can help determine if Nexthink is the right solution for your organization.

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Written by The IIS Team