Workspace on Demand

Deliver high-performance, flexible, secure workspaces for wealth managers, analysts, and compliance officers to unleash productivity.

Multiple desktops to a single power user

Apps appear exactly the same to end users as their existing solution – including support for multiple monitors – but with increased mobility and without the physical presence of a deskside workspace.

HPE Moonshot, Citrix thin clients and IIS engineering

Our complete, powerful package meets all your requirements of speed, efficiency, security and control.

Reduce workspace operations costs

By centralizing end user physical workspaces in the data center, IIS’ Workspace on Demand reduces costs and complexity.

Increase uptime

A single, flexible architecture simplifies support and eliminates resource-intensive and time-consuming upgrades that can cause downtime and impact your business.

Secure access to confidential and business-critical data

IIS’ centralized application management ensures security, reduces the risk of losing information, and improves adherence to governance policies and procedures.

Up to 8 connected monitors for real-time information

Whether it’s trader stock prices, securities trades, video streams, market news, or collaboration tools, we understand that getting the right information to the right power user on a real-time basis is critical.


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On-demand access from any device – regardless of time or location

We understand that real estate is at a premium. With IIS’ Workspace on Demand, you can deliver a virtual workspace to replace the traditional, deskside workstations and blade-based solutions.

  • 33%

    faster than typical high-end desktops currently deployed

    head to head comparison

  • 90%

    Reduction in space requirements

  • 65%

    Reduction in power consumption

  • 98%

    Reduction in cabling

  • Empower all your users – within a single, flexible architecture

    While power users demand the highest level of performance and reliability, your other employees require the same reliability, even if they don’t need the same levels of dedicated performance.

  • High-performance, flexible workspace delivery

    Each HPE Moonshot 1500 chassis holds 45 cartridges and scales linearly to support up to 360 full HD monitors in a standard 47U rack, depending on specific application requirements.

Additional features and benefits

Here are some other features of our Workspace on Demand solution:

  • +
    Application Management
  • +
    Auto monitor resizing when moving from one device to another
  • +
    Centralized management of thin clients
  • +
    Centralized monitoring of environment
  • +
    Help desk management portal
  • +
    Multiple monitor configurations
  • +
    Remote device lockdown
  • +
    Security integration with multiple products
  • +
    Support for DR and backup
  • +
    Support tens to hundreds of users with secure, layered app portfolios from a single Moonshot cartridge
  • +
    User profile management

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