Application development seems poised to take over the world, but the ability to accelerate app testing and time to market requires the right platform to run it. Businesses of any size can unlock the power, flexibility, and efficiency of application development by running a composable infrastructure in the form of HPE Synergy from our partnership with Hewlett Packard Enterprise.

What is composable infrastructure, and why does its adoption signal a revolution in information technology? When business have purchased server arrays in the past, they’ve been constrained — limited by the ecosystem of tools and appliances that are compatible with the array’s operating system.

If an enterprise wishes to run an application that’s not tuned to its ecosystem, they’re in for some time-intensive configuration management, at the very least. With a composable infrastructure, those limits become a thing of the past.

Composable infrastructure is based on the idea that nearly every aspect of the data center can be abstracted and represented as code. Looking at this one way means that interoperability is now limitless — companies can in theory provision any endpoint or server with any operating system. On the back end, this means that every error and runaway process now happens in a pane of glass that’s visible to the administrator.

Half of the work in technical support is simply tracing errors to their origin. When errors are visible and traceable, this means that it's possible to write detailed programs for automatic error and exception handling. In other words, a composable infrastructure achieves unprecedented levels of speed, flexibility, and reliability.

With HPE Synergy, configuration happens in the blink of an eye. When an application is launched in the platform, it is automatically configured without human intervention. Configuration occurs via a template, and if no template is available, the platform creates one on its own.

In an era that has already seen upheavals in IT convention, platforms like HPE Synergy still have the power to astonish. The impact of a run-anything, do-anything platform has yet to be fully estimated.

At IIS, we value our 20-year relationship with Hewlett Packard Enterprise, our ranking as the sixth largest HPE Platinum Partner in the United States, and our awards for HPE Global Partner of the Year and Software Partner of the Year for 2016. Together, we bring together the right people and the right skills to deliver the right technology to maximize value, performance and efficiency for our clients.