If you’re like most enterprise IT organizations, your IT is a melting pot of hardware and software from a variety of vendors. You have bare metal, virtual machines, licensed applications, and SaaS deployments. Some of this infrastructure is located on-premise, some is at a disaster recovery site and still more is in a cloud. This is what’s called Hybrid IT.

Your face ongoing challenges of static or shrinking budgets, yet you must figure out how to improve operational efficiency even as you have already invested in and deployed a range of IT management solutions. Yet, you know that somehow there must be a way to improve control and visibility of the IT operations and ensure a better and consistent experience for users while improving your ROI.

The key to moving closer to operational nirvana is in the marriage of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and IT Operations Management (ITOM). This is, to coin a phrase used by Micro Focus, running IT Operations at the speed of DevOps. Micro Focus is using AI and machine learning in its ITOM suite to educate, automate and orchestrate IT Operations.

Imagine your IT help desk and service desk. Each person has their own specialty - collecting and assessing data to prevent outages for their business segment. Now imagine the diversity of the infrastructure they are managing – client/server, mainframe, virtual machines, cloud. Today it’s Hybrid IT. Tomorrow it’s the challenge of IoT. Sadly these specialists are forced to perform redundant and repetitive tasks to remediate problems, even as they are under pressure to solve problems faster. They do not have time to collaborate and correlate data to understand how to prevent similar events in the future.

Micro Focus Operations Bridge (OpsBridge) collects historical and current data to identify event patterns, easily integrating (and protecting your investment) with hundreds of existing management solutions. By using Vertica, the industry leading advanced analytics SQL database with built-in database machine learning, it is possible to analyze event patterns and uncover the triggers causing these events. Now, if these same triggers occur, this AI powered ITOM solution can predict possible outages and stop them before they happen.

Additionally, that insight is shared on a dashboard that instantly provides alerts and insights as to the technology, service and business impact. As they say, time is money. OpsBridge’s incorporation of AI helps to provide root cause analysis 70X faster and reduces MTTR by 50%. Your talented people resources can now focus on complex problems rather than “every day” incidents.

But the benefits of OpsBridge are not just in its application of pervasive analytics, in its design. It uses Docker containers and Kubernetes orchestration to reduce the cost and risk of ongoing innovation. OpsBridge is easy to deploy (minutes vs. hours); is updated with zero downtime on a rolling basis; and, scales on demand.

OpsBridge’s incorporation of AI helps to provide root cause analysis 70X faster and reduces MTTR by 50%.

OpsBridge makes it possible to achieve operational goals for self-service, infrastructure and configuration as code, automated provisioning and workload management. Gartner calls the magical combination of AI plus IT Operations, AIOps. Micro Focus (formerly HPE Software) has been a leader in this space since 2014. IIS, through its partnership with HPE and now Micro Focus, has the expertise to help you gain greater insight into your IT Operations. Let us help you overcome today’s challenges and plan for the future.