If the Oracle database availability is one of the highest priorities, your backup strategy should include online backups that are frequently performed to minimize the recovery time.

The HP Data Protector Zero Downtime Backup (ZDB) functionality offers online backup backup capabilities with minimal degradation of the application system performance.

Data Protector ZDB is designed to improve backup strategies for high-availability (HA) systems and non-HA systems. ZDB delivers best-in-class backup and recovery solutions for the Oracle database. ZDB and instant recovery (IR) have following advantages over other backup and restore techniques:

  • Minimal downtime or impact on the application during backup
  • Short restore times (minutes instead of hours), which are required to meet strict RTOs

Data Protector provides the ZDB integration module for HP 3PAR Storage Systems, which can be used in conjunction with the Data Protector Oracle integration to achieve a true zero impact backup.

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