How big is big data's impact? Jeff Bertolucci recently shared powerful facts about big data in an article for InformationWeek. The article was a a part two of a fact fect on big data's trends and trials. So what are 5 powerful facts about big data you need to know?
  1. Data quality remains a problem
  2. Big Data Fact 1

  3. Hard drive rules big data
  4. Big Data Fact 2

  5. Big data disease watch collects data to provide real-time insights on infectious diseases
  6. Big Data Fact 3

  7. Big data finds backers
  8. Big Data Fact 4

  9. Advancement in WiFi technology will help big data's growth
  10. Big Data Fact 5

  11. Bonus: The chief data officer (CDO) is emerging as a major player in the C-suite
  12. Big Data Fact 6

To learn more powerful facts on big data, you can read the article here.