IIS is pleased to announce its strategic partnership with Nexthink, a leader in the emerging class of Digital Employee Experience that combines device analytics and automation with user sentiment to ensure best in class employee experience.

Digital Employee Experience is helping customer departments in many ways and improving user experience, productivity, and compliance. 

Would you like to discuss and see a demonstration of Nexthink’s Digital Employee Experience Management Platform?  

Desktop IT

  • Reducing helpdesk ticket count by using Automation to resolve issues directly
  • Leveraging real time information to reduce time to resolution on issues
  • Use new dashboard provided as part of the service to become proactive in the environment


  • Review the state of your user experience gains other companies in the same vertical
  • Gain deep insight in you users and infrastructure through reports


  • Ensure EUC policies are enforced and automatically remove infected machines from the network

Human Resources

  • Ensure users have updated their contact information recently, should there be a need to communicate critical information and updates quickly
  • Quick release of company policies in order to remove hearsay
  • Instant information on closures
  • Engage and capture employee sentiment in real time and in context

App/Dev Teams

  • Leveraging Digital Employee Experience Management to monitor the health and deployment of videoconferencing and collaboration tools as well as connectivity to their normal critical applications

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